Who’s Who? A quick look at a few of the twins at MHS and some of the traits that make them unique

Interview by Rilee Malloy

Jack and Owen Riley

 Owen is half an inch taller than Jack.

When they were young, Owen was a lot bigger than Jack, so it was easy to tell them apart. 

Jack and Owen’s friends tell them apart by their voice and hairstyle.

They have very different tastes in food.

Brady and Jacob Nesser

 When Brady and Jacob were younger, their dad would send them to school in the same outfit and they would respond to each other’s name to confuse everyone!

Growing up, Brady preferred the color blue while Jacob preferred.

Brady and Jacob’s friends and family tell them apart by their voices and personality. 

Jessie and Maggie Zhang

 Jessie would wear her hair in pigtails as a child to distinguish from Maggie.

Jessie is the shorter twin.

Their friends often tell them apart by their hair, voice, or the way they dress!

One time, Maggie and Jessie attempted to switch classes for fun, but people were able to tell them apart immediately because of their contrasting personalities.