Who let the dogs out? All about MHS’ resident dogs

Interviews by Riley Johansen and Rilee Malloy

Malia Paxton and her service dog Google

Google the Goldendoodle

Hi! My name is Google and I’m a 7-year-old service dog from 4 Paws for Ability for MHS freshman Malia Paxton. She is hearing impaired, has developmental delays, and cerebral palsy.  She struggles with sensory issues as well. I help her hear things that are hard for her to hear without her hearing aides.  I support her when things upset her, I give great kisses to calm her down.  I can be used to help her stand up and walk.

Orion the Long-Haired German Sheppard

Hi! I’m Orion! I’m a police K-9 that works with Officer Dyer here at MHS to keep everybody safe. I started out being trained as a service dog, but I didn’t pass my test. I just knew that this would be a better fit for me! My main jobs are to detect the odor of narcotics, marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, and crack cocaine as well as tracking lost people and articles! That means that if you were to leave something small like your keys out in a field and lose them, I am able to locate them for you! I was transferred to Officer Dyer a year ago, and I’ve loved my job here! 

Hibbs the Black Lab and Golden Retriever Mix

Hi! I’m Hibbs! I’m an emotional support dog and I work with MHS’s Hope Squad. When I’m not with Mr. Beurket and the Hope Squad Crew, you can find me in the guidance offices with Mr. Zak or Mrs. Pay. When a student goes to a counselor’s office, if I can help them be in a better emotional place, that’s what I’m there to do. Sometimes I jump in the recycling bin just to make kids smile. I was trailed at circle tail until I was two years old (they tried to make me a service dog, but that didn’t work out). I get in trouble for giving kisses sometimes, but I’m just trying to show my love. If you leave your lunchbox on the ground my nose will probably be in it.

Lucy the Goldendoodle

Hi! I’m Lucy! I’m a therapy dog who spends time with the students in the Mason Achievement Program (MAP) program here at the high school! I come into the building with Mr. Hilen a couple of times a week. MAP is an alternate educational option whose mission is to give those who qualify a non-traditional educational experience in a flexible environment. MAP was designed to help students reach their goals through online learning and personal work-based experiences! When you walk into the room, I will greet you tail wagging with my toy in my mouth. I’m very intuitive — I can sense when someone may be going through something and might need some puppy snuggles. Helping kids is my favorite thing to do!

Watch these adorable dogs be interviewed and hear from them yourself in the video below!