Voices – Our Why

Why did we create this page?

For nearly two decades, as dictated by our policy, The Chronicle has promised to report the truth and adhere to the journalistic code of ethics. In 2020, although the mediums through which we do this and the content we report have differed since the newspaper’s conception, the mission is exactly the same. Mason has witnessed success in a hundred ways and challenges in a hundred others, evolving into the statewide powerhouse that we see today.

And in the microcosm of our high school, influenced by both the midwestern environs that root its origin and fresh perspectives that diversify its student body, our job as journalists is to actively investigate, research, and report on this dichotomy. 

In doing so, it would dishonor those whose identity exists in the mix — those who have built a relationship with this community but also grapple with or are trying to embrace their identity and inherent differences — to not give them their moment to speak.  

Each month, we will feature one voice at MHS that is leading a movement, taking a stand, or is simply speaking with so much conviction that they cannot be ignored. 

In an increasingly polarized nation, with problems and tensions that compound weekly, it is crucial that we focus on the local scene. If everyone is talking but no one is really listening on a macro scale, go small. Have a conversation with someone nearby and you may understand an opinion that used to feel far away from your own. 

More often than not, calls to action are closer than expected — and so are their answers. We urge you to hear these messages out. 

 – The 2020-21 Chronicle Editors