Voices – 01/22/2021

Interview by Kaelyn Rodrigues

MHS Junior Jada Fox

Jada Fox – Junior

Tell us about yourself! What kinds of things do you like to do, hobbies, fun facts, etc?

My name is Jada Fox! I am always doing some kind of art. A goal in my life is to learn every form of art that I can! I am in Students Involving & Befriending Students (SIBS) and American Sign Language Honor Society (ASLHS). I love listening to music – my favorite song changes daily but currently it is “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds. I love hiking, and am an avid thrifter.

What issues are you passionate about advocating for? Are there any organizations or clubs you’re a part of that work to help spread the messages that you’re advocating for?

I am very passionate about accepting and loving your body and the person you are inside and out. I use my Instagram to help spread positive messages and post my own experiences with being body positive. In September of last year I posted a picture that shows some insecurities that I had about myself. I posted it not only for myself but for others too. I wanted to show them that I’m proud of my imperfections and they should be proud of theirs too. I also have a thrifting account with my good friend Makenna Burton where we sell size inclusive clothing (ranging for XS – 3X) that we thrifted. When we made this account we wanted to make sure that it would be inclusive by not leaving any body types out.

What do you hope to do by spreading the word and informing others about these topics?

 I hope that by doing what I am doing I can help normalize embracing your imperfections, and loving who you are inside and out. I hope that people can realize that building each other up will also build yourself up. 

How does your identity and the issues you support play a role in your outlook on the world?

 From starting my journey of spreading body positivity and positivity in general, I have come to realize that so many people relate to you– that whatever you are going through you are not going through alone. 

Why are these topics meaningful to you?

 I think that spreading body positivity and positivity in general is so important to me because I have many friends who talk about their insecurities and who are struggling to accept themselves. If I can help them even a little bit my soul will be happy. I also have struggled a lot in the past with accepting myself and some of the people that helped me overcome this were the body positivity influencers on Instagram. I saw that if that helped me then hopefully me doing the same will help others too.

What would you like to see change or improve within the world we live in? That is, what do you want to change by advocating for the topics you’re speaking out on?

 Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. You will find so much peace when you embrace your imperfections and understand that you are just right just the way you are. Always remember that your body is your powerhouse that keeps you going everyday, it deserves love. 

If there’s one thing you want people to take away from reading this, what would it be?

 A great way to start your own body positivity journey is to follow positive influencers on instagram, post positive quotes on your story, expose yourself to people who build you up, and push yourself to do things that scare you (wear that crop top, dress how you want to dress, show everyone that you are proud of who you are). You will not only help yourself but others as well.