TV Show Review: Bridgerton (Season 2)

Review by: Shravani Page

Created by: Chris Van Dusen

Rating: 4/5

The Netflix original series Bridgerton is back with a second season.

 Its second season has worked its way back up to Netflix’s No. 1 in many countries and amassed millions of views within just days of its release. Bridgerton’s inclusive nature shines throughout the entire season, particularly with the introduction of the Sharma sisters as a brooding love triangle binds itself between the two sisters and viscount Anthony Bridgerton. 

The first season of Bridgerton centered around Daphne Bridgerton and her relationship with the famed Duke of Hastings, it was remarkable not only for its chaotic tale but also for its music. Both these traits weave themselves into the second season with a similar plot structure and more Victorian-pop music stylings, such as Madonna’s “Material Girl” and Nirvana’s “Stay Away.”

In season two, Kate and Edwina Sharma reach London just in time for the dating season as Edwina hopes to find a match. Kate, however, intends to help her younger sister while also obtaining a fortune from her family. As Edwina becomes “the diamond” of the season, she is quick to catch the eye of London’s heartthrob, Anthony Bridgerton. As the two begin their relationship, Anthony and Kate cannot help but become infatuated with each other. As the drama unfolds with Edwina soon discovering the truth about her sister and fiance, the story becomes submerged into a plot filled with lust and over-arching desire, which isn’t anything new to the show’s style.

The season followed a classical tale with steamy romances and rather predictable endings. While the plot itself follows the same path nearly every “love-triangle” drama anticipates, it was an entertaining, worthwhile watch. The plot is dramatic and chaotic as it follows the blooming romance between Kate and Anthony through a journey driven by a helpless love, the natural habitat of a typical hopeless romantic’s liking. Accompanied by familiar musical stylings and remarkable diversity within its characters, the show’s influence becomes increasingly prominent.

The casting choices of Bridgerton have never failed. What really surprised me was the choice to feature two female Indian protagonists who were women with dark skin. India’s Bollywood film franchise faces much backlash for its colorism as its main heroines seem to be composed of beautiful women with eurocentric features. Noticing the way the characters of Edwina and Kate were crafted in the season took me by surprise. They weren’t the stereotypical, nerdy Indian girls. They weren’t some humorous ploy integrated into the show under a “diversity” premise. They were watermarks that reflected and contradicted traditional beauty norms. They weren’t just another box to check off. They were powerful, intelligent and confident women who challenged transcultural standards. Nevertheless, the second season of Bridgerton was a worthwhile watch. While it didn’t go as in-depth into the events of the first season, the show’s dramatic nature takes a toll on its audience as it transcends them into another heartfelt tale driven by love, fate, and desire.