Hudson Pitcock | The Chronicle

As the season of cold weather comes to a close and spring and summer approach, many students at MHS are ready to face
the challenges of making sure their fashion style is always in season.

Many students that pride themselves in everyday fits like sophomore Taurien Wiggins turn to thrifting. Wiggins said dressing in less layers forces him to work harder to stay stylish.

“Dressing in the summer is so much harder than the winter,” Wiggins said. “You lose so much creative freedom having to
wear only a T-shirt and shorts. I’m forced to search to find unique clothing options.” Wiggins combats this challenge by thrifting for his closest. Though he believes it can be hard to find a good store, he enjoys shopping for his own clothes, through the fun and money-saving practice of thrifting.

Though the temperature increase does annoy some students, sophomore Andrew Ashpaw specifically enjoys shopping for cheap, graphic shirts.

“I try to find shirts with the coolest images on them,” Ashpaw said. “Not only do they look good alone, I can also use them for outfits in the winter too. My favorite places to look are Plato’s Closet and St. Vincent de Paul.”

Mason is surrounded by many thrifting options. Whether it be at Plato’s Closet or Goodwill, there are plenty of locations filled with opportunities to save money and look good. Sophomore Riddick Blakley appreciates the hunt for quality, discount thrifted items.

“With so many choices I sometimes don’t see the point in shopping for full-priced clothes,” Blakley said. “If you give every store a chance you are guaranteed to find some- thing you like.”