STAFF EDITORIAL – Taylor Swift tour sheds light on embracing others’ joy

Taylor Swift’s ongoing concert tour, The Eras Tour, is a phenomenon that is rocking the world. With Swift fans packed into every stadium on her journey throughout the US and crowds even gathering outside, devoted Swifties (the nickname that Swift’s fans use) and critics alike were amazed with the impact that Taylor Swift herself had. The tour’s unprecedented demand and new records also saw economic boosts and recognition from several local governments. No matter the opinion on Swift or her music, her presence in the industry has created waves of change.

With this popularity also came questioning over why and how Swift was and continues to be able to gather so many different individuals to come together and enjoy her work. While her fame and influence grew, so did skepticism on why she has become so famous in the first place, with many people judging her character and doubting the benefits that her work has.

Criticized often are Taylor Swift’s fans, many of which are young girls relating to Swift’s expansive collection of pop tunes filled with teenage emotions, love and angst. They have formed communities, both online and in person, dedicated to celebrating Swift’s work, noticing hidden clues and inside jokes known as Easter eggs, predicting future releases and sharing thoughts on everything from albums to outfits to Swift’s ex-boyfriends.

People often bash such fans for being immature, liking music they deem boring and repetitive and caring about superficial matters.

However, whether it be through Instagram fan pages or TikTok hashtags, Swift’s fans use these spaces to show and spread their love for her. Of course, toxicity also exists, but where in the world does it not? If the majority of the community is creating bonds and being uplifting, there is no need to step in and squash that joy.

What’s the harm in people making friendship bracelets or posting their album rankings? Let people share their favorite songs in passionate karaoke. What’s not to like about someone displaying their tour outfit or vast knowledge of their favorite artist? No matter how juvenile or embarrassing you think their behavior may be, why not allow them to celebrate something that makes them happy?

School, mentors, and self-help programs all often emphasize how important it is to find passions in life. It does not have to be and will not be Taylor Swift for everyone. We all have different interests, strengths, and values that guide the things and activities we enjoy. Just as you are allowed to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy, others are allowed to enjoy the things they enjoy.

As long as no one is causing harm to others, we should not tease people for the things they take pride in. Even in high school, many people are quick to make fun of others for having specific interests, caring about classes, or being passionate about certain topics. We often try to act like we are too cool to care, but why?

With already so much division and pessimism in society, these little things should not fuel any more hatred. No matter your personal likings, beliefs or opinions, it is okay to get more used to supporting others who are comfortable sharing theirs.

We should not criticize people who have found their joys. As Swift herself once said, “the worst kind of person is someone who makes someone feel bad, dumb or stupid for being excited about something.”

There’s already so much negativity in the world, let people enjoy what they want to enjoy.