Spring Break Travels

Allie Keim | The Chronicle

Photo by Alyx Synan
Mason Girls Softball Team

The Mason Girls Softball Team traveled to Nashville, Tennessee over spring break to play in the Warrior Classic tournament. Going line dancing and holding team dinners, the team’s annual tradition indulges in the country culture of Nashville.

Sophomore Alyx Synan: “[This trip] is important for our team because while we see each other a lot at practices, we’re more focused on softball during that time. The trip gives us an easy way to be able to communicate and is just easy time where we can be real with one another and not have to worry about the sport that we’re playing.”

Traveling to Costa Rica, junior Niki Rajaram enjoyed getting to explore a new country, whether spending time on the beach or ziplining through the tropical rainforest. Throughout her week-long trip, Rajaram hiked around the volcanic mountains surrounding her accommodations.

Photo by Niki Rajaram

Junior Niki Rajaram: “We are going hiking and ziplining. I am very excited to explore Costa Rica because my family does a lot of traveling, so this will be my about my twenty-third country that I’ve visited, and my goal is fifty.”

Junior Nadia Markich and her family traveled to Italy during spring break to immerse themselves in the rich culture. Throughout the trip she toured many churches such as St. Peters Bacillica in Rome and indulged in multiple walking tours to explore famous monuments.

Photo by Nadia Markich

Junior Nadia Markich: “I loved going into the Vatican Museum and we saw lots of artwork from [artists] like Raphael and Michelangelo. Those were just super breathtaking to see because they were made so long ago and they’re super intricate.”

Visiting a former exchange student living in Spain, senior Kavya Chintakayala traveled to the Canary Islands this spring break. Island hopping throughout the trip, her group of friends explored the different terrains of the Canary Islands and spent some time learning to surf.

Photo by Kavya Chintakayala

Senior Kavya Chintakayala: “It was really beautiful. One of the days we went to we went to Tenerife, an island where there is a very large volcano that we went to the top of, and in the same day, we went down to the beaches. There was such a large variety of things to do.”