Song Review: yes, and?

Song by Ariana Grande

Review by Allie Keim


Having not released new solo music since her 2020 album Positions, Ariana Grande’s newest single “yes, and?” is her comeback to music amidst media turmoil. The single explores empowering themes of self-love and indifference towards her critics through a danceable, poppy beat.

Throughout the song, Grande tackles negative media attention head on, letting the world know that she is going to live her life the way she desires. Lyrics such as “don’t comment on my body, do not reply” are  very refreshing to hear in response to today’s social media landscape.

“yes, and?” is the amazing resurgence of Grande back into the music world and the perfect teaser for her upcoming album Eternal Sunshine, coming out March 8. After listening to “yes, and?” fans should feel excited for Grande’s future musical output.