Song Review: Now And Then

Review by: Alisha Verma

Artist: The Beatles

Rating: 4.5/5

53 years after their break up, the Beatles have released their final song. “Now and Then” was recorded by John Lennon in 1977, three years before his death. With the help of artificial intelligence (A.I.), the song has been completed by surviving bandmates Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

When it was announced that the Beatles would be releasing a new song using A.I., they were met with raised eyebrows. However, McCartney explained that the technology would be used only to clean up Lennon’s demo.

Lennon’s wistful, yet haunting voice compliments his melancholic, heartfelt lyrics well. As McCartney joins the late Lennon in singing “Now and then / I miss you,” the lyrics are even more poignant as the two halves of history’s most successful songwriting partnership are reunited beyond death.

The track also features a soulful slide guitar solo, an ode to late guitarist George Harrison’s signature technique. The bridge is wrought with emotion as the guitar, strings, and backing harmonies from old Beatles tracks blend together to create a stirring emotional climax.

Though the track doesn’t reach the heights as the band’s other realizations of Lennon’s demos, “Now and Then” is a touching finale to the greatest musical act in history.