Siblings blaze their own path on two-wheeled vehicles

Aybika Kamil | The Chronicle

Aaditya Anandram and Amruta Anandram drive their motorcycle and moped together to school.

Mason High School (MHS) senior Aaditya Anandram and sophomore Amruta Anandram’s familial connection to motorcycles and mopeds kickstarted their passion for the rev. The Anandrams have grown up with the influence of motorcycles and mopeds in their lives. Aaditya said that in India, where their parents are from, the main modes of transportation are motorcycles, scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles.

“My dad has a motorcycle, that’s where my fascination started,” Aaditya said. “When I was growing up, he would always take me for rides on the back of the motorcycle. It’ll always be a childhood memory.”

Having experienced the freedom and thrill of being on a motorcycle, Aaditya said he was eager to get his own. Before he could get a motorcycle license, Aaditya tested for a moped license when he was around 14. Mopeds are lightweight and user-friendly motorized bicycles with easier maneuverability. He had to demonstrate his responsibility and ability to follow rules to his parents on his moped. Aaditya rode a Buddy scooter which he had inherited from his mother until he was 16 and eligible to obtain a motorcycle license.

“I didn’t go straight into riding a motorcycle,” Aaditya said. “[The moped] definitely gave me a lot of road experience that you won’t get from just riding a bicycle.”

Prior to purchasing his own, Aaditya had been saving up for a motorcycle and conducting research on different models. While his parents considered many elements like the cubic capacity of the engine, Aaditya personally wanted a type of sports bike. He ultimately decided on a Kawasaki Ninja 400 which fit both his and his parents’ criteria.

“I got my motorcycle last year around my birthday,” Aaditya said. “I was super excited, I had been wanting one for I don’t know how many years. It’s a significant part of my life because not everyone has the chance to get a motorcycle at my age or even ride one.”

A couple of months ago, Aaditya learned how to modify his bike and add a slip-on muffler. The muffler gives the sound of the engine a deeper and sportier-like rev. Amruta also has some experience with motorcycles and even cars. She said that being around her brother and father and gaining knowledge from them has been integral in immersing her in the world of vehicles.

Just as Aaditya started off with a moped, Amruta is following the same route as her older brother. Amruta said that her brother’s passion created an interest for her in motorcycles too.

“My brother inspired me a lot,” Amruta said. “ Just seeing him ride and with the couple of trips he’s taken me on, I have seen that it’s really fun. It is dangerous, but you only live once, you have to make the most of it.”

Amruta currently rides the same moped that Aaditya had. Once December comes, she will be eligible to get a motorcycle license. She has already started the search for a motorcycle and is planning to purchase a starter bike from brands such as Yamaha or Suzuki. Amruta has been hoping that when she gets her license, she can ride her motorcycle with her brother to school before he graduates.

“I rode my moped and he rode his bike the other day, we came to school together,” Amruta said. “It’s different when you ride with someone, it’s just more fun.”

Drawing inspiration from Aaditya, she intends to add a new muffler to make her ride louder when she gets her motorcycle. Amruta said she is looking forward to the little moments such as when she waits at a traffic light and revs her motorcycle for kids passing by.

“It’s a stress reliever if you’re stressed about something or mad about something,” Amruta said. “When you put on your helmet and you’re just riding on a straight road without traffic, it’s really peaceful. I love thrills, I love [the] adrenaline.”

The Anandrams’ family members were a key influence to both of their motorcycle journeys. Aaditya and Amruta both enjoy riding with their family and hope to do so in the future.

“There’s just something special about riding your motorcycle with another group and it just so happens that my group on the road is my family,” Aaditya said. “Those are the memories that have impacted my journey the most and I expect to have many more memories like that in the future.”