Show Review: Outer Banks (Season Three)

Review by: Megan Lee

Creator: Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate and Josh Pate

Rating: 4/5

The long-awaited season three of Outer Banks has left audiences on the edge of their seat. Netflix’s Outer Banks created by Jonas and Josh Pate was originally released in April of 2020. With season two being released in the summer of 2021, fans have been waiting almost two years to see their favorite characters back on their screen. 

Season three begins with about a month’s time jump from the Conclusion of the second season. With the Pogues stranded on a deserted island, it’s only a matter of time before the danger begins. While there were some plot holes from season two that were not filled, the creators did an excellent job continuing the storyline into the new season. We see the Pogues escape the deserted island and return to the Outer Banks where they are faced with a world of new hardships. 

With each of the fan-favorite characters returning, all audiences had something to look forward to with Outer Banks season three. We see characters like Pope and Cleo who are struggling to find their place now that they have returned home. Sarah and John B face problems within their relationship, and JJ and Kiara begin to warm up to one another and navigate their trust issues. Whether you watch for the plot, or the teen drama, season three offers new and exciting storylines for everyone. 

With the return of Big John Rutledge at the end of season two, we see John B struggle to recognize the father he once knew. This internal conflict gives a sense of relatability to his character and makes the audience feel for him. John B begins to see faults in his father’s character and the development of the treasure hunt threatens their relationship. This father-son duo was what the show needed to finally dive into John B’s character. 

While the plot of season three had viewers binge-watching for days, there were moments within the show where more could have been added. Rafe and Ward Cameron’s relationship is another father-son connection I would have liked to see more of. With Rafe trying to make his own place in the family while his father is in a coma, I would have liked to see Rafe have some sort of redemption arc when it comes to his one-sided relationship with his father. Fans are curious to know what will happen next season as we see Rafe cope with the decisions his father made. 

Overall, Outer Banks season three was an excellent continuation of the widely popular series. The new drama elements along with rediscovered conflicts made its audience eager to continue watching.