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June 1, 2018–J-School StoriesThis year’s J-Schoolers discuss the stories they chose to write this week.

May 25, 2018–Meet MHS’s Incoming Principal–Photographer Tanner Pearson and Staff Writers Alexandra Lisa and Riley Johansen give you a first look into Bobby Dodd, the new principal’s, plans for MHS.

May 10, 2018–MHS Comments on the May 8 Fire Incident–The Chronicle asks students and staff about their thoughts and experiences during the unexpected fire in a CAM classroom causing the building to be evacuated.

January 28, 2018–Opening Night of Cyrano de Bergerac–Staff Writer Alexandra Lisa goes behind the scenes of Mason Drama Club’s winter production moments before the first showing.

March 24, 2016–Mason’s Race to Anyplace–MBC Reporter MacKenzie Berryman reports on the community members racing to cure blood cancer.

March 2, 2016–How to Make a Club at MHS–MBC Reporter Michael Farber reports on how to make a club at MHS.

February 24, 2016–Mason Community Center Indoor Triathlon–MBC reporter Rachel Barnett covers Mason’s annual triathlon.

December 15, 2015–International Club–MBC reporter Taylor Cipra brings you news of International Club, an MHS organization working to unite students of all cultures.

December 8, 2015–Knitting Club–MBC Reporter Kaylie Connors brings you the news of the knitting club created by sophomore Josie Brush.

December 8, 2015–Hunger Games Era–MBC reporter Isabel Marotta brings you the news of the end to the Hunger Games Era.

September 23, 2015–Women’s Tennis Success–MBC reporter Cullen Ecoffey brings you news on the Mason Women’s Varsity Tennis team and its great start to the season.

September 21, 2015–Mason High School Resource Officer–MBC Reporter Thomas Marriner interviews Officer Dyer about her previous and current work–on and off campus.

May 12, 2015–Choir Collaboration with Baoku Moses–MBC reporter Kelly Noriega covers the choir’s collaboration with Afro-Fusion composer and producer Baoku Moses.

April 30, 2015–Culinary Club–MBC Reporter Katelyn Emter talks to members of the Culinary Club at MHS.

April 21, 2015–Fiddler on the Roof Lighting–Watch the Mason High School drama club prepare the lighting for Fiddler on the Roof.

April 9, 2015–Fiddler on the Roof Set Building–Watch the efforts of the MHS Drama Club as it prepares for its production Fiddler on the Roof.

March 25, 2015–Dragonfly Basketball Tournament–Integrated media reports on the upcoming charity basketball game on Saturday, April 11.

March 27, 2015–Math and Science Night 2015–MBC News Reporter Jennifer Yeung reports on Science Night at Mason Intermediate.

March 25, 2015–Nerf Madness–MBC News Reporter Maddie Young reports on Nerf Madness at MHS.

March 13, 2015–Literary Magazine–MBC News Reporter Bryce Conner reports on the literary magazine staff and their national ranking.

March 5, 2015–Overture Awards–MBC News Reporter Isabel Marotta reports on senior Katie Hibner’s return to the Overture Awards finals for the second time this year.

February 25, 2015–The effects of ISIS on Muslim students–MBC News Reporter Julia Hollon discusses with two Muslim students about the effect ISIS has had on them and their faith’s community.

February 5, 2015–Talent Show Preview: The Dancing Dead–Click to watch a preview of one of the groups performing in the NHS Talent Show, which will take place this Saturday.

January 23, 2015–Eddie’s Shot–Watch footage of sophomore Eddie Puisis’ game winning shot against the Princeton Vikings.

December 23, 2014–Kids Count 2014 Behind the Scenes–Take a look behind the scenes at MHS Student Government’s Kids Count process, reported by MBC.

December 20, 2014–The Nutcracker All Jazzed Up–MBC News Reporter Brittany Boehm reports on the annual show ‘The Nutcracker All Jazzed Up’ and how it raises money for After Prom.

December 16, 2014–Music Mondays–MBC News Reporter Natalie Eysoldt reports on Music Mondays and how they have helped raise awareness for Pancreatic cancer.

December 12, 2014–Men’s Basketball Senior Class–MBC News Reporter Cullen Ecoffey reports on the senior class on the men’s basketball team.

November 18, 2014–Amnesty International–MBC News Reporter Lily Vardanyan reports on club members of Mason’s Amnesty International club and the purpose it serves at the high school.

November 17, 2014–Band Dragon–MBC News Reporter Kelly Noriega reports on the marching band and the creative prop they’ve added to their show this year.

November 12, 2014–Ping pong club–MBC Sports Reporter Rashika Jaipuriar reports on the creation of the ping pong club.

October 31, 2014–Boys soccer goalies–MBC Sports Reporter Cullen Ecoffey recognizes the unusual situation of the two goalies on the boys soccer team.

October 16, 2014–Spirit Chains–MBC News Reporter Frita Beauchamp reports on Student Government’s fundraiser.

September 27, 2014–MYO Football League–MBC Sports Reporter Joe Metzger reports on the football players giving back to the youth program.

September 14, 2014–Girls soccer–MBC Sports Reporter Katelyn Emter recognizes the girls soccer team and their potential of winning a state championship this season.

September 14, 2014–Girls cross country seeks another state title–MBC Sports Reporter Tori McVey recognizes the girls cross country team as they prepare for their post-season competitions.

September 12, 2014–Black Hole Basics–MBC News Reporter Serina Cline talks to Black Hole leaders about the spirit and personality of the Comet student section.

September 3, 2014–Comets fall to Panthers in season opener–MBC News Reporter Tori McVey discusses with Head Coach Brian Castner the first football game of the season against the Springboro Panthers.

May 30, 2014–Work-study program–MBC News Reporter Frita Beauchamp recognizes student accomplishments through the “work-study” program.

May 22, 2014–Girls lacrosse shoots for state–MBC News Reporter Breanne Gibb recognizes the girls lacrosse team on their road to the state championship.

May 21, 2014–Senioritis–MBC News Reporter Molly Hough recognizes seniors who are struggling to remain motivated in their final weeks of high school.

May 20, 2014–Discus–MBC News Reporter Kevin Carey recognizes the discus aspect of track and field and talks with senior varsity thrower Ashley Brown.

May 19, 2014–Officer Tanner and the D.A.R.E. program–MBC News Reporter Kendall Jones reports on Officer Tanner and his efforts through the D.A.R.E. program.

May 6, 2014–Boys volleyball spikes competition–MBC News Reporter Conrad Howell recognizes the boys volleyball team for their outstanding season and player who now holds a school record.

April 2, 2014–MHS honors symphony orchestra–MBC News Reporter Camaiya Billings recognizes MHS honors symphony orchestra and their success competing in the National Orchestra Festival.

March 31, 2014–Prom fashion show–MBC News Reporter Erika Alva recognizes the reason behind National Honor Society’s annual prom fashion show.

March 20, 2014–Soles for Souls shoe drive–MBC News Reporter Jessica Bennett reports on the shoe drive led by National Honor Society and SIBS.

February 25, 2014–Pasta for Pennies results–MBC News Reporter Javert Valbarr catches up with National Honor Society to see how well their Pasta for Pennies fundraiser went.

February 18, 2014–Striving Olympic athlete–MBC News Reporter Breanne Gibb recognizes a student athlete who is striving to compete in the Olympics.

January 31, 2014–Girls basketball versus Princeton preview–MBC News Reporter Kevin Carey recognizes the anticipation that has led up to the girls basketball game against Princeton.

January 31, 2014–A Midsummer Night’s Dream preview–MBC News Reporter Fernanda Hurtado recognizes the drama club for the production that they are putting on this weekend, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

January 29, 2014–Mason athletes commit early–MBC News Reporter Michael Waggoner recognizes two Mason athletes who have already committed to play a sport in college.

January 8, 2014–Student starts cupcake business–MBC News Reporter Frita Beauchamp recognizes a student who has started her own business.

December 20, 2013–Holiday Hoops–MBC News Reporter Kaitlyn Shive discusses Mason African-American Students for Change (MAASC)’s annual ‘Holiday Hoops’ event.

December 16, 2013–Moonwalk Fridays–MBC News Reporter Gabe Dubois recognizes a new Friday tradition.

December 5, 2013–Colerain and Moeller playoff game benefits Mason–MBC News Reporter Cameron Gunnels discusses the benefits that Mason received for hosting the Colerain versus Moeller football playoff game.

December 4, 2013–Fashion Spectrum at MHS–MBC News Reporter Paige Meyer recognizes two students on completely different ends of the fashion spectrum.

December 2, 2013–The Jordan Hoak Project–MBC News Reporter Erika Alva recognizes students who started a project in honor of a lost friend.

November 25, 2013–MHS Corps of Cadets–MBC News Reporter Megan Drake talks with members of MHS Corps of Cadets about their hope to serve in the military after high school.

November 17, 2013–Black hole Turnip–MBC News Reporter Fernanda Hurtado analyzes the role of the turnip in the black hole.

November 15, 2013–Hockey preview–MBC News Reporter Abby Hauser reports on the hockey team’s motivation for its upcoming season.

November 12, 2013–Boys soccer takes home state championship–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell discusses the state championship game with head coach Paul Reedy and player Jack Clark.

November 12, 2013–Girls soccer takes a tough loss at state finals–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell discusses the girls soccer championship game with head coach Andy Schur.

November 11, 2013–Weekend sports wrap-up–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer discusses this past weekend’s news and accomplishments in sports.

November 8, 2013–Soccer championships preview–MBC News Reporter Quentin Huber talks with boys head soccer coach Paul Reedy and girls head coach Andy Schur about this weekend’s championship games.

November 4, 2013–Weekend sports wrap-up–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer gives a sports wrap-up from the weekend.

November 3, 2013–Girls soccer wins regional finals–In the second half of the girls soccer game vs. St. Ursula, junior Jill Vetere scored a goal leaving the Comets with a 1-0 victory.

November 1, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Sycamore–MBC News Reporter Quentin Huber discusses with Coach Brian Castner about expectations for the last home varsity game.

October 30, 2013–Mason football suffers a tough loss to Fairfield–MBC News Reporter Kevin Carey discusses Mason football’s tough loss to Fairfield.

October 29, 2013–Thecspn.com’s weekend sports wrap up – 10/29–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer gives a sports wrap-up from the weekend.

October 25, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Fairfield–MBC News Reporter Quentin Huber discusses this week’s opponent with head football coach Brian Castner.

October 24, 2013–“Inspecting Carol” preview–Junior student director Annie Jones gives a preview of the drama club’s fall play opening this weekend.

October 22, 2013–Thecspn.com’s weekend sports wrap up – 10/22–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer has the weekend sports highlights.

October 21, 2013–MHS water polo advances to state championships–MBC News Reporter Gabe Dubois brings coverage of the water polo teams’ regional championship games.

October 18, 2013–100 Inning Alumni Game–The 100 Inning Alumni Game recognizes former head baseball coach Ken Gray.

October 18, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Colerain–MBC News Reporter Quentin Huber discusses the goals for tonight’s game with head football coach Brian Castner.

October 15, 2013–Thecspn.com’s weekend sports update: 10-15–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer has the weekend sports highlights.

October 11, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Hamilton–MBC Sports Reporter Quentin Huber discusses preparation for tonight’s game versus Hamilton.

October 3, 2013–Hallway guitarist–MBC News Reporter Jacob Snow talks to sophomore Drew Bloodworth about his hobby of playing the guitar in the hallway.

September 30, 2013–Thecspn.com’s Weekend Sports Wrap up 9-30–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer brings the weekend sports wrap up.

September 26, 2013–Thecspn.com’s weekend sports update 9-26–MBC News Reporter Matt Hauer has the weekend sports highlights.

September 26, 2013–Grading Policy–MBC News Reporter Priya Patel discusses the grading policy.

September 20, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Oak Hills–MBC News Reporter Quentin Huber discusses this week’s opponent with Comet senior stand-out Matt Stewart.

September 13, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Winton Woods–MBC News Reporter Quentin Huber talks with head coach Brian Castner about what the team will be focusing on in tonight’s game.

September 10, 2013–Comets win first game of season–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell talks with head coach Brian Castner as he reflects on Friday’s win against Bishop Watterson.

September 4, 2013–Comets fall to Panthers in season opener–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell talks to head football coach Brian Castner about the team’s loss on Friday and its preparations for this week’s game.

August 30, 2013–Friday night football preview: Mason vs. Springboro–MBC Sports Reporter Quentin Huber dicusses this week’s opponent with head football coach Brian Castner.

August 20, 2013–Back to school–MBC News Reporters and The Chronicle staff members welcome students back to MHS for the 2013-2014 school year.

June 4, 2013–Boys’ Lacrosse Final Four Advancement–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell brings coverage of the boys’ lacrosse team’s advancement into the final four.

May 30, 2013–Super Smash Brothers Tournament–MBC News Reporter Gabe DuBois reports on MHS’ largest video gaming competition.

May 29, 2013–Varsity baseball athletes headed to Division I schools–MBC News Reporter Lindsay Ledford talks with varsity baseball athletes about their futures.

May 28, 2013–Students have passion for writing–MBC News Reporter Haley Hopkins talks to students about their love of writing.

May 27, 2013–Kids in the Hall: Nicknames–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell brings the latest edition of KITH, uncovering MHS students’ nicknames.

May 26, 2013–Butterfly garden renovation–MBC News Reporter Jacob Snow brings a story about the rebuilding of the butterfly garden in the environmental science area.

May 13, 2013–Journalism Signing Day–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell brings you coverage of Journalism signing day for

May 6, 2013–Baseball defeats Middletwon–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper reports on the Comet victory over Middletown Friday night.

May 3, 2013–KITH Prom–MBC News Reporter Reily Gibbs brings you Kids in the Hall: Prom Edition.

April 30, 2013–JV Softball–MBC News Reporter Willie Niesz brings you coverage of the JV girls softball team and their win over Middletown.

April 29, 2013–Comets crush Kings–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the baseball team’s win over Kings.

April 26, 2013–Volleyball defeats Fairfield–MBC News Reporter Madison Cooper brings you coverage of the boys volleyball team’s win over the Fairfield Indians Thursday night.

April 23, 2013–Teacher couples–MBC News Reporter Allie Unterreiner talks to teacher couples at MHS.

April 19, 2013–Comets defeat Hamilton–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean on the Comets’ victory over the Hamilton Big Blue Thursday night.

April 18, 2013–Softball season preview–MBC News Reporter Valerie Smith talks to softball coach Liann Muff about goals for this year’s softball season.

April 17, 2013–Mason boys’ volleyball–MBC News Reporter Maddie Cooper wraps up Monday’s volleyball game vs Milford.

April 16, 2013–Archery Tag–MBC News Reporter Kendall Jones reports the latest game involving bows and arrows, archery tag.

April 15, 2013–MHS varsity baseball beats St. Xavier–MBC News Reporter Allie Fultz brings a wrap-up of Saturday’s baseball game vs St. Xavier.

April 13, 2013–JV Girls Assistant Track Coach–MBC News Reporter Sarah Robey brings a story about a girl who does not run, but is involved with Track and Field.

April 11, 2013–Fun League bowling–MBC News Reporter Maddie Cooper brings features of MHS’ Fun League bowling team.

April 9, 2013–Men’s lacrosse beats Hilliard Davidson–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean catches up with coach Randy Hubbard after the Comets’ win against Hilliard Davidson.

April 8, 2013–Comets beat Lakota West 6-4–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper wraps up the boys varsity baseball win against Lakota West High School.

March 30, 2013–Spring break Public Service Announcement–MBC News Reporters remind students to be safe over spring break.

March 23, 2013–Girls’ vs. Boys’ Lacrosse–MBC News Reporter Maddie Cooper examines the differences between girls’ and boys’ lacrosse.

March 20, 2013–Nerf Wars–MBC News Reporter Valerie Smith reports on a popular game at MHS–nerf wars.

March 14, 2013–MHS Hockey–MBC News Reporter Hannah Maxwell brings you coverage of the MHS Hockey’s team’s last game.

February 29, 2013–Girls basketball looking forward–MBC News Reporter Kathy Connor brings you coverage of the girls basketball team’s win over the Lakota East Thunderhawks on Saturday night.

February 28, 2013–Gymnastics headed to State–Junior Gabby Sora talks about Mason Gymnastics’ upcoming State Competition this weekend.

February 27, 2013–End of the road–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the boys’ basketball team’s loss to the Withrow Tigers, which ended their run in the sectional tournament.

February 26, 2013–Mason beats Milford–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean brings you coverage of the boys basketball  teams win v Milford in the first game of the sectional tournament.

February 25, 2013–Corps of Cadets–MBC News Reporter Josh Sempsrott brings your coverage of MHS’s newest club, the Corps of Cadets.

February 21, 2013–Talent Show–MBC News Reporter Brooke Beechan brings you coverage of the NHS Talent Show.

February 19, 2013–Senior Night–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the boys basketball game on Saturday.

February 13, 2013–Kids in the Hall Valentine’s Day–MBC News Reporters Brooke Beechan, Chris Rice, and Joey Thomas bring you a Valentine’s Day feature Kids in the Hall.

February 11, 2013–Mason Basketball falls to Princeton–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the boys basketball game v Princeton.

February 7, 2013–Taste of Mason–MBC News Reporter Joanna Monfreda brings you coverage from Taste of Mason!

February 6, 2013–Boys lose to Oak Hills–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper talks to the boys basketball team after their loss to Oak Hills.

February 5, 2013–Mason beats Sycamore–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean talks to Coach Richards after the boys’ upset over Sycamore.

February 4, 2013–MAASC Presentation–MBC News Reporter Matt Stephens reports on MAASC’s celebration of Black History Month.

January 30, 2013–Mason beats West–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper talks to assistant coach Chris DeLotell after the boy’s win over West.

January 28, 2013–Mason v East–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the Comets’ heartbreaking loss to Lakota East Friday night.

January 23, 2013–Boys basketball loss to Princeton–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean brings you coverage of the boys’ loss to the Princeton Vikings.

January 22, 2013–JVH Memorial Wrestling–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the JVH Memorial Wrestling tournament on Saturday.

January 18, 2013–JVH Memorial Wrestling Tournament–MBC News Reporter Sloane Scheuer brings you preview coverage of the JVH Memorial Wrestling Invitational.

January 16, 2013–Loss v Kings–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper talks to assistant boys basketball coach Chris DeLotell about their loss v Kings Tuesday night.

January 14, 2013–Basketball beats Hamilton–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean brings you coverage from the boys’ basketball victory over Hamilton Friday.

January 10, 2013–Boys basketball alumni game–MBC News Reporter Morgan Orlando brings you coverage of the boys basketball alumni game.

January 10, 2013–Blood–MBC News Reporter Lucas Hakes takes a new spin on the MHS blood drive.

January 9, 2013–Mason defeats Fairfield–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper talks to head coach Greg Richards after the boys basketball team after their win over the Fairfield Indians Tuesday night.

January 7, 2013–Violinist in the hall–MBC News Reporter Erica Westley reports on the famous violinist at MHS, Lindsey Watkins.

December 28, 2012–Mason defeats Milford–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper talks to assistant boys basketball coach Chris DeLotell after the team broke their losing streak against Milford Thursday night.

December 21, 2012–Meet your mascots–MBC News Reporter Josh Sempsrott talks to the MHS mascots, Kylie Yancey and Natalie Romaniw, better known as ‘the foam fingers.’

December 19, 2012–Comets v Middies–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper reports on the boys basketball team’s loss to Middletown Tuesday night.

December 18, 2012–Comets v Big Blue–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean talks to the boys basketball team after their loss to Hamilton Big Blue.

December 14, 2012–Winter blood drive–Co-chair of the NHS Blood Drive Kylie Yancey talks about the winter session.

December 12, 2012–High expectations for Mason hockey–MBC News Reporter Matt Stephens talks to the Mason Hockey club team about the goals they have for the season.

December 11, 2012–School of Rock–MBC News Reporter Gabe Dubois talks to School of Rock Owner Tim Garry about the concert put on to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims.

December 10, 2012–Boys basketball loss to Sycamore–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings coverage from the Comets v Aviators boys basketball game on Friday night.

December 5, 2012–Basketball commit–MBC News Reporter Kathy Connor talks to senior varsity basketball player Kayla McDowell about her verbal commitment to play basketball at the University of Missouri.

December 4, 2012–Girls basketball victory–MBC News Reporter Drew Stein covers the girls varsity basketball team’s victory against Winton Woods on Monday night.

December 3, 2012–First boys basketball win–MBC News Reporter Dani Dean talks to varsity boys basketball head coach Greg Richards about the team’s win against Lebanon on Saturday night.

November 28, 2012–Girls basketball preview–MBC News Reporter Lindsay Cornwell brings you a preview of the girls’ varsity basketball team’s first game.

November 27, 2012–Senior Lauren Wood going National–Senior cross country runner is going to Nationals in Oregon to race. Wood placed fourth at state and seventh at the Nike Regional race.

November 26, 2012–Therapy dogs–MBC News Reporter Haley Hopkins talks to Executive Director of TPGC Glenna Mockbee about therapy dogs.

November 12, 2012–State runner up–Rebekah Barnes reporting on the girls soccer state championship game for thecspn.com.

November 12, 2012–NoteOrious–MBC News Reporter Gabe Dubois reports on MHS’s acapella group.

November 9, 2012–Not all self service–MBC News Reporter Drew Stein reports on Swifty Gas Station in downtown Mason, one of the few stations left that is not self-service.

November 8, 2012–End of the run–MBC Matt Stephens reports on the boys varsity soccer team and the loss in the their final four game to end their historic season.

November 1, 2012–Choir concert–MBC News Reporter Nick Orlando brings you coverage from the first MHS Choir Concert.

November 1, 2012–Regional cross country–MBC News Reporter Megan McNally brings you coverage of the girls cross country team and their win at the Regional meet.

October 30, 2012–Comets v Aviators–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the Comets’ last football game of the season v the Sycamore Aviators.

October 26, 2012–Winter informal is a go–MBC News Reporter Morgan Orlando talks to NHS President Paige Richie and Vice President Laura Forero about the winter informal.

October 22, 2012–Comets v Vikings–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage from the football game v the Princeton Vikings Friday night.

October 16, 2012–Cross country–MBC News Reporter Sam Fosnot coversthe GMC Cross Country meet.

October 15, 2012–College Applications–MBC News Reporter Lindsay Cornwell talks to MHS students about the college application process.

October 15 2012–Comets v Thunderhawks–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper covers the Comet v Thunderhawk football game this Friday.

October 8, 2012–GMC Champions–MBC News Reporter Gabe Dubois covers the boys’ GMC Championship win Thursday night.

October 2, 2012–Diggs-the new hangout spot–MBC Sports Reporter Matt Beebe visits Diggs, the restaurant/bar complete with sand volleyball courts that has become a popular hangout spot for MHS students.

October 2, 2012–Comets v Colerain–MBC News Reporter Megan Stamper brings you coverage of the Mason v Colerain homecoming football game Friday night.

September 28, 2012–Roth’s World-Coming Soon!–Look for MHS English teacher Lori Roth’s online segment, Roth’s World, premiering one week from today!

September 27, 2012–NHS Blood Drive–Co-chair of the National Honor Society Blood Drive senior Kylie Yancey talks about first blood drive of the year.

September 26, 2012–Instagram–MBC News Reporter Maggie Etherington talks to students about the newest popular social media outlet to hit the teenage generation.

September 24, 2012–Beat Big Blue–MBC News reporter brings you post-game coverage of the Comets v the Hamilton Big Blue this past weekend.

September 21, 2012–Texting Law–MBC News reporter Erika Alva talks about the new texting law in Ohio.

September 19, 2012–Coach Keesling–Girls’ varsity volleyball Head Coach Tiann Keesling talks about their win over the Colerain Cardinals Tuesday night.

September 14, 2012–Undefeated–MBC News reporter Chris Rice covers the girls’ varsity soccer team’s undefeated season.

September 12, 2012–Remembering 9/11–MBC News reporter Billy Chanatry talks to students and teachers at MHS about 9/11. Also, check out www.mhschroniclepolitics2012.wordpress.com for a column on remebering 9/11.

September 11, 2012–Volleyball–MBC News reporter Drew Stein reports on the varsity girls’ volleyball team won their GMC opener.

September 10, 2012–Girls’ soccer update–Varsity soccer girls’ Head Coach Andy Schur talks about the Comets’ undefeated season so far and what to expect this coming week.

September 2012–Mason football beats Lancaster–On Friday, August 31, the Mason High School varsity football team defeated the Lancaster gales with a final score of 20-6.

September 3, 2012–Blazin’ with Love 2012–MHS senior and cancer survivor Liz Lothrop talks about the Blazin’ with Love 5k event, held this past Saturday. It is a day full of activities to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.

August 27, 2012–Comets lose opener–MBC News reporter Sloane Scheuer reports from the season- opener football game v Springboro on Friday night.

August 14, 2012–Texting the team–MBC News reporter RJ Thompson reports on coaches who use twitter to spread information to and about their teams.

August 4, 2012–Looking back, Speech and Debate Camp 2012–Seniors Sam Whipple and Sohum Talreja discuss how they think this years Speech and Debate Camp went, saying they were most proud of the fact that they got it together without the help of a coach.

July 7, 2012–Summer school season–MHS math teacher Pete Rudowski, who also teaches ACT/SAT prep at summer school, gives the various reasons MHS students opt to take summer school courses.

June 16, 2012–After Drama Camp–Hailey Spencer, an MHS student who helped run the Drama Camp this past week, is proud of what the students accomplished.

June 13, 2012–Camp Carl–MBC Sports reporter Ani Vadlamani talks to basketball coach Carl Richburg about preseason basketball training.

June 10, 2012–MHS Drama Camp preview–Andrea Schlosser, who is in charge of the Drama Camp and also the Drama Club Vice President, is hoping that the kids who come out to experience the drama department have a good time at the week-long camp, starting tomorrow, Monday the 11th.

June 8, 2012–Service work summer–MBC News reporter Erica Westley talks to senior Rebecca Stewart, who will be traveling to Uganda this summer to do service work.

June 3, 2012–Artworks–MBC News reporter Tyler Gunn talks to Jessica Miller, who was recently accepted as an intern with the Cincinnati Artworks Program.

June 1, 2012–State Champions–MBC News reporter Nick Orlando talks with Miguel Cepeda and Luke Tsai, the duo who claimed the Division I Tennis Doubles State Championship.

May 31, 2012–Writers and actors team up–MBC News reporter Meghan Reinersten talks to Acting Instructor Allen Young as he talks about the benefits of his drama students acting out 10 minute plays written by Mrs. Bross’ and Mr. Coates’ Creative Writing classes.

June 1, 2012–Bike riding tradition–MBC News reporter Victoria Ellis talks to seniors on their last day of high school who rode thier bikes to school in the morning, partaking in the annual bike riding tradtion.

May 26, 2012A Sudler Shield for the Mason Marching band–The Mason Marching Band receives the Sudler Shield, a prestigous award from the John Philip Sousa foundation.

May 24, 2012–LAN Party–MBC News reporte Luke Deters talks to LAN Gamers at the LAN party at MHS.

May 23, 2012–New Student Government officials–MHS recently had elections for the 2012-2013 class presidents. MBC News reporter Alysha Schneider reports on who the new class presidents are, and why their role is important to the students at the school.

May 20, 2012–Democratic Party opens new office for the 2012 presidential campaign–MBC News reporter E.J. Prime-Orr reports on the grand opening of the democratic office  in Mason as they seek to gain more supporters for the 2012 campaign.

May 18, 2012–Olivia Gaus breaks record–Junior track athlete Olivia Gaus broke the school record in the 800 meter run Friday night at the District Finals, running a 2:15, one second better than the previous record held by Angela Bizzarri.

May 14, 2012–Powderpuff preview–MBC Reporter Alexis Estes previews the upcoming Powder Puff game tonight at 7:30 PM.

May 14, 2012–Last Colorguard performance of the year–MBC News reporter Joanna Monfreda talks to senior Kate Kratz about her last performance of the year on the Mason Colorguard. On Wednesday, May 2 the team had their first actual onstage performance that featured group, ensemble, and solo performances that the members choreographed themselves.

May, 9, 2012–Tournament time–MBC News reporter Alex Day talks to the girls’ varisty softball team about the point in the season where tournament play starts.

May 1, 2012Paper drive to help local Rape and Crisis centerYoung Womens’ club member junior Natalie Briggs discusses their new drive for paper products to help the local Rape and Crisis center.

April 30, 2012–OSU Women’s Glee Choir Visit–MBC News reporter E.J. Prime-Orr covers OSU’s Women’s Glee Choir visit and performance to the MHS choir.

April 27, 2012–Anything Goes-Opening NightMBC Reporter Dani Dean reports live from opening night of the Mason High School Drama Department’s performance of “Anything Goes.”

April 26, 2012–Opening night excitement–Senior David Gill gets excited for the premiere of the spring musical, ‘Anything Goes’.

April 23, 2012–New cafe selections–MBC News reporter E.J. Prime-Orr reports on the new specialty pizza menu available in the cafeteria.

April 20, 2012–Beach Waterpark Closing–MBC News Reporter Ashley Campana talks to a former Beach Waterpark employee about the closing of the Beach Waterpark this year and how it will affect summer job opportunities for students.

April 13, 2012–Comets vs. St. X–MBC News reporter Brandi Emerson covers the Mason vs. St. Xavier Lacrosse game where the Comets defeated the St. X Bombers.

April 12, 2012–Shantytown–National Honor Society President Michael Corozza describes what ‘Shantytown’ is all about and what he hopes NHS memebers and MHS students will learn from it.

April 11, 2012–Comets vs Aves–MBC News Reporter Joanna Monfreda talks to the Boys’ Varsity Tennis team about their match against GMC rival, the Sycamore Aviators.

April 10, 2012–Mason baseball–MBC News Reporter Victoria Ellis reports on the Mason Varsity Baseball team and their 5-0 record in the GMC.

April 4, 2012–After the win–Senior Monica Lake, athlete on the Girls’ Varsity track team, reviews their Coaches Classic meet win. Teams from all over Cincinnati compete at the Coaches Classic to preview their competition for that year’s state meet.

April 3, 2012–Coaches Classic after preliminaries–MHS Girl’s Track Coach Kelly Affatato reviews the Coaches Classic preliminary meet on Monday April 2nd and how the team stands going into finals on Wednesday April 4th.

March 30, 2012–Coaches Classic Girls Preview–MHS Girl’s Track Head Coach Tony Affatato outlines his goal for the Coaches Classic meet coming up next week.

March 22, 2012–Nerf Wars–MHS Assistant Principal Tim Keeton reviews the school’s no Nerf Wars policy.

March 19, 2012–Comets for Wishes–MBC News reporter Alysha Schneider reports on the Comets for Wishes event that the Mason dance team sponsored. The even raised money for the Make a Wish Foundation on March 16, 2012.

March 16, 2012–Mason Heights school closing–MBC News reporter Emma Harvey reports on the closing of Mason Heights Elementary School next year and how parents with students who would have gone there feel about it.

March 14, 2012–MHS Dance team traveling to Texas nationals–MBC news reporter Mychelle Davey reports on the MHS Dance Team traveling to nationals in Texas over Spring Break. The dancers prepare 4 days a week in hopes of making it far in the national competition.

March 12, 2012–Zoe Thatcher breaks record–MBC News reporter Gavin Docherty reports on the Mason swim team’s victory and Zoe Thatcher’s broken record in the 500 freestyle at the state championship.

March 7, 2012–Art Auction for Susan G. Koman Foundation–MBC News reporter Dani Dean reports on Mason High School’s third annual Art Acution organized by Comet Savings & Loan, taking place Friday March 9. All art work is contributed by students and the proceeds are donated to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.

March 7, 2012–Fun league bowling–MBC News reporter Jessica Pasquale reports on Fun League bowling collecting food and supplies for homeless pets.

March 5, 2012–Early graduation for high school students–MBC News reporter Miranda Miller reports on the Mason High School studetns participating in early graduation and what they will be doing following thier high school careers.

March 3, 2012–Competition cheer squad gears up for state–MBC News reporter Abby Sullivan reports on the recent success of the Mason High School competitive cheerleading team and their first ever opportunity to compete at the state level.

March 2, 2012–Mason gymnastics advances to state–Ann Jacob reports on the MHS Gymnastics’ team traveling to the state championship this weekend.

March 1, 2012–Jorge Gonzalez, MHS Wrestling State Qualifier–Wrestler Jorge Gonzalez is the only MHS wrestler to advance onto the state competition at The Ohio State University.

February 28, 2012–Fine Arts Fun Fest: There were vibrations of fun at the Fine Arts Fun Fest, where both young and old enthusiasts of the fine arts came together to the products of its work. View to see performances and highlights of the night.

February 24, 2012–Girls’ varsity team beats Withrow: The Mason High School girls’ varsity basketball team defeats Withrow High School in tournament play on February 22. The final score of the game was 41-38.

February 22, 2012–Talent Show 2012: The National Honor Society holds their annual Talent Show. This year’s winner was Shayda Ashraf.

February 14, 2012–Orchestra playing with the pros: Orchestra members play with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

February 11, 2012–Mason wins on senior night against Middletown: Mason varsity basketball team avenges Middletown after a loss earlier in the season. The team won on February 10 on senior night with an ending score of 66-55. 

February 10, 2012–College 101 Night – Kevin Witham, OU Associate Director of Admissions: Ohio University Associate Director of Admissions Kevin Witham discusses the importance of College 101 Night and college opportunities.

February 7, 2012–Connor McVey: Post Fairfield win: Mason boys’ varsity  basketball player Connor McVey talks to the press about the Comet win over Fairfield on Tuesday, February 7.