Movie review: Godzilla vs. Kong

Review by: Scott Reckers

Director: Adam Wingard

Rating 7/10

Godzilla may be the “King of the Monsters,” but Kong bows to no one. The two stars of the ‘Monsterverse’ have finally clashed together, and the promise of a visual spectacle is fulfilled. The current state of visual effects is the future we dreamed of years ago, and the fight scenes are spectacular, though they can’t always make up for the film’s flaws.

My main gripe with this movie is a common one: the plot and the human characters often take a backseat to the fight sequences. It would have added weight to the fight scene if there was ever something at risk, but the fights fall short in reason, and what ends up is something visually pleasing, yet all too predictable, a disposable piece of entertainment.

This fast-paced slug-fest may be a pleasure to sit through, but it doesn’t always live up to the hype. The potential with the budget, actors, and studios working on the film was huge, but the outcome is just a little bland.