MHS students celebrate Daylight Prom

Bradyn Johnson | The Chronicle

Tanya Keskar | The Chronicle

On April 29, Mason High School students from five resource rooms, where students receive a modified curriculum with special education teachers, attended the Daylight Prom, hosted by the Little Miami School district. The Daylight Prom is a dance that specifically caters to the needs of students with sensory and medical needs.

The dance had been canceled for the past two years in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. This was the first year since 2019 that the students were able to participate in all of the festivities.

Although the dance provides students with an environment that is more beneficial for their specific needs, MHS teacher Amy Shova said that it is still like any usual prom, but provides additional resources, such as brighter lighting and quiet break rooms.

“The Daylight Prom looks just like a typical prom,” Shova said. “The music is still loud. There’s [just] a little more space for people to move around if they need to.”

As a result of the COVID-19 guidelines becoming less restrictive, the students were not required to wear masks or socially distance themselves while they danced at the prom. Shova said that the Daylight Prom gives students with sensory and medical needs the opportunity to experience prom in a different light. 

“It gives them a chance to experience [prom] in an environment that’s friendly,” Shova said. “There’s dancing and photo booths.”

Prom is a time for teenagers to get their nails and hair done, find the perfect prom outfit and pose for pictures. Some students got their spa treatments two days before the main event during Connect Time, where they got their nails done.

Senior Ellen Hilbert prepared for the dance by picking out a prom dress, as well as getting her nails decorated during the Connect Time session, assisted by some other MHS students. She said that she was elated to be attending.

“It was fun,” Hilbert said. “I liked the music. I liked being with my friends and I danced with [them].”

On the day of the prom, the students gathered in front of Z1 for pictures and took a bus to the dance at the Savannah Center. MHS junior Jakie Niska said that he too enjoyed prom, especially when the DJ turned up the music and everyone, including him, danced. Niska said that he “liked the dance.”

Photos by Amy Shova