Mason Officer Karli Dyer moves up the ladder from officer to SERGEANT

Lexi Brown | Staff Writer and Designer

Officer Dyer in her office on her last day at Mason High School

City of Mason police officer Karli Dyer is moving up the ladder from officer to sergeant after 10 long and rewarding years as the Resource Officer at Mason High School. Starting Tuesday, January 19 Sergeant Dyer will be in charge of her own crew of officers and move to third shift for the department.  

Dyer has always had aspirations of moving up in her field but for police officers the climb up the ladder can take a long time and requires a great deal of patience. Dyer is excited for the move, knowing she has paid her dues, but she’s also very focused on her family away from the police department. 

“My first priority is my family,” Dyer said. With two young girls, a husband, and five dogs, Dyer has struggled balancing her personal life with her work life. She says she’s waited patiently for this exciting promotion.

 Dyer has enjoyed the ten years she’s spent on the safety team at MHS. She doesn’t regret one minute of her time in the school setting. Dyer admits she has gained a great deal of knowledge by working in the school setting. She’s even been able to apply some of what she has learned at MHS to her own parenting techniques at home. She did admit she’s going to miss the relationships she’s built with students and staff at MHS. 

Even though Dyer is moving on, her partner Orion, a three year old German Shepherd will remain at MHS. While Dyer has grown fond of Orion, the K9 has been trained to work in the school and will be transferred to a new partner. 

Dyer has served as an example to young women at MHS. Her promotion to sergeant is yet another example to the young women of MHS of what can be accomplished with hard work and determination. 

“You must remember to keep your heads held high, you must lose with grace and win with grace. You have to get up and dust yourself off. You can be the beautiful, strong, confident woman I know that you are,” Dyer said.  “If you want it bad enough, you have to get out there and get it. I know you can do it.”

Photo by Meghan Dincler