Lockett provides powerful boost in comets drive for GMC title

Divyana Bose | Staff Writer

Senior Annie Lockett goes for a spike. Lockett transferred from CHCA to Mason for her final season and has helped Mason win their fifth straight GMC championship.

The Mason Comets are really good, but they got a lot better when volleyball senior Annie Lockett decided to transfer from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy to Mason. The addition of a high flying, powerful outside hitter in Lockett helped the Comets go undefeated in the Greater Miami Conference and secure their fifth straight GMC championship. 

Sometimes when a transfer joins a new team, the team and the player can go through some growing pains but that hasn’t been the case for Lockett according to Comets’ head coach Tiann Myer.  

“She gave me that belief that here’s this kid willing to take on anything that’s thrown at her,” Myer said. “I knew I was getting a special player just because of her positive attitude and remarkable job in supporting her teammates and the younger kids as well.”

Lockett has not only meshed with the team chemistry but her hard work and dedication to improving as a player has been something that has helped her improve her own game within the team dynamic.

“After transferring to Mason I had to improve my hitting range and the variety of shots that I can hit,” said Lockett. “Something that helped me get to the level I am at and that I want others to learn is to put extra time and effort into your athletic abilities and your skills outside of practice.”

Lockett’s quick acclimation with the team wasn’t a surprise for Myer who knew she was getting a special player when the Eastern Michigan commit showed up at Mason. 

“From the get-go, she was very verbal and just fit right in with my four other seniors,” Myer said. “I truly believe she’s a godsend to our program and there’s really nothing more I could ask from a strong woman like her.”

A spirited player on the court who can often be seen elevating high above the net for a kill or a spectacular block, Lockett’s passion and enthusiasm is something Myer believes has spread throughout her entire team this season. 

Myer, who has led the Comets to seven GMC titles is a demanding coach who pushes her players to perform at a high level which is something Lockett believes came at the perfect time in her high school volleyball career. Lockett feels Myer’s tough love approach has helped her build her skills and inspire even more love of the game.  

‘“Coach Myer has the perfect balance between her competitive winning spirit and her care for each and every individual on her team,” Lockett said. “She cares about all of us as people and holds us to high standards as individuals and as a team, even if she has to be a little hard on us if she needs to be.”

Despite only having the opportunity to play for Mason for one year, Lockett feels playing for the Comets has been a fitting end to her career as a high school player. 

“It has been such an amazing privilege to come to play for Coach Myer, this team, and be able to make a strong impact on Mason Volleyball,” said Lockett.  “I truly couldn’t have asked for a better senior season.”