Elina Bishoyi | The Chronicle

Holi is a two-day celebration in the Hindu religion. On the first night, Hindus light a bonfire to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. On the second day, participants throw powdered colors on each other, dance to music and eat food to celebrate love and new beginnings by commemorating a story of two Hindu gods. Holi is celebrated in accordance with the Hindu lunar calendar, falling on March 8 in 2023. The local Sri Sai Baba Temple of Greater Cincinnati celebrated Holi this year on March 26, 2023. The Mason Hindu Student Association (HSA) held a booth at the Holi event with food and Mason High School (MHS) students participated in the event.

Junior Simarpreet Singh is at the MHS Hindu Student Association booth purchasing packets of colored powder to play Holi from junior Anokhi Kulkarni.

“I view Holi as a chance to erase the bad and look at life in a new perspective, and the colors and festival itself is a time to just have fun and enjoy yourself. ”

Vikrant Chachare, MHS junior and HSA executive
Junior Hamsa Tadpatri sells homemade Indian sweets at the Hindu Student Association booth.

“Holi creates a unity of love and friendship [between] the various cultures in India. It’s just celebrating life with everyone no matter where they are from.”

Hamsa Tadpatri, MHS junior and HSA executive
Juniors Harshini Arjala and Haile Mistry celebrate Holi by playing with powdered colors.

“[I] understand the true significance of the stories that were shared generations through my family.”

Haile Mistry, MHS junior
Holi participants do a choreographed dance while playing with powdered colors.

“Holi is all about new beginnings. It’s a very fun and colorful way to embrace our culture so far away from home. Going to Holi here makes me feel like I am connected with all the people who celebrate it and allows me to have a great time with friends and family.”

Harshini Arjala, MHS junior

Photos by Elina Bishoyi