Girls create supportive environment while promoting dress stores

Allie Keim | The Chronicle

Mason High School (MHS) girls find encouragement at local dress stores while learning the basics of creating content and promoting a product. 

Sophomore Kellie Boyle began modeling for Bridal and Formal Club Dress (BF Club Dress) in October 2022. Boyle gained interest in her modeling position after being scouted by the owners while she was searching for a homecoming dress. Every month Boyle selects dates to go into the store to specifically focus on creating content for social media while wearing the garments. 

“[Going in] we figure out what content we want to get depending on the different brands and different dresses,” Boyle said.“Sometimes we shoot [the content] ourselves or I’ll have a friend help.”

These dress stores utilize multiple social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, as a prime tool for marketing their dresses. Models and representatives working for the stores repost themselves wearing dresses to attract new customers. Through her time as a model, Boyle has learned many skills in creating content to help captivate customers.

“Lighting definitely matters,” Boyle said. “When filming we try to have [the setting] out in the lobby where there are different mirrors and [components] that show the different parts of the dresses. I have learned to make a clear background so you’re accentuating the look of the dress.”

Senior Lucy Medland works at Kotsovos Prom as a stylist and saleswoman. Her position requires her to communicate directly with customers searching for prom dresses. Along with helping store patrons, Medland helps photograph models on shoot days and is constantly marketing the products.

“I try to promote the dresses because I love when people come in and tell me that they saw me on their social media accounts,” Medland said. “I love taking pictures, making TikToks of the girls and then I repost those.”

Having a job at a dress store has allowed Boyle to work with girls all around the Cincinnati area. Boyle said that she is grateful for her ability to meet new people through her position.

“There are about 25 girls that are doing [modeling at BF Club Dress] and from schools all over,” Boyle said. “And I just get to know so many different people that do so many different things and it’s just nice to get to connect with girls of all ages.”

Sophomore Elise Tong is a model at Kotsovos Prom and has similarly gained connections with other models through her job. Tong said she recognizes the significance of being surrounded by encouraging women when modeling.

“Modeling for Kotsovos has been such a good experience because everyone there is so excited to see everyone and their dresses,” Tong said. “I like when all of us girls come out in the dresses and we’re all just so excited to see what dress each person is wearing. At Kotsovos, the environment is so supportive.”

These local stores hold a variety of dress styles and brands, making them an accessible place to find a suitable school dance dress. As a bonus to holding a position at a dress store, the girls get the benefit of gaining an insider into the incoming dress trends.

“I get a discount on my dresses and I have already picked my prom dress for this year,” Medland said. “That’s kind of the difficulty [of my job], a lot of dresses come in that I like but I already got mine. But all of us just love seeing all the new styles that are in stock.”

Medland’s job requires her to serve customers and help them find the perfect dress, but going beyond that, she has developed relationships and continues to keep in contact with past customers.

“Some girls don’t really feel the prettiest in dresses and when we really find a dress that they absolutely adore, just seeing them so happy just makes me happy when they feel pretty,” Medland said. “I know then that I did my job. Whether they buy or not is really not a big deal. It’s whether or not we allow them to feel pretty.”