Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Review by: Ruhi Kaneria  

Rating: ⅘ stars

Dune: Part Two was a captivating 2-hour and 46-minute sequel, with action, prophecies, and sandworms. Adapted from the 1965 novel of the same name, the first movie was released in 2021. The movie continues on the storyline of the planet of Arrakis’ lucrative spice trade as Paul Atreides joins the Fremen, the native dwellers of the planet to fight the oppressive rule of the Harkonnen family.

Director Denis Villeneuve did a phenomenal job continuing the storyline of Paul Atreides and Chani, played by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya respectively. Austin Butler was also a standout in his role as a power-driven and dangerous member of the Harkonnen family. 

Dune: Part Two is action-packed, containing epic battles that are excellently shot. The cinematography does a great job showing the merge of combat as well as the usage of innovative technology. The camerawork also does a great job displaying the struggles of Paul as he works to advance in the Fremen ranks. 

While the prior movie focused on world-building, this sequel focused more on highlighting the nuances of the Fremen culture and the involvement of the Bene Gesserit, the high power that dictates the universe alongside the Emperor. The only setback is the slight lapses in the timeline, which can leave watchers confused. Nevertheless, if the first Dune was appealing, then Dune: Part Two is a must-see. With its satisfying continuation of the plot as well as the beautiful bringing-to-life of the Dune universe, any Dune fans would be more than thrilled to see where Paul Atrieides, the Fremen, and the Harkonnen end up in Dune: Part Two.