Dream Deals: Mason athletes share their ideal name, image and likeness (NIL) sponsership

Camden Paeltz | The Chronicle

Name, image and likeness (NIL) deals have changed the game in college sports by al- lowing amateur athletes to get sponsorships with corporations and profit off of their personal brands. The deals can range from local restaurants to luxury car companies or billion-dollar apparel brands. They often come with additional perks like free food or merchandise in addition to the money. NIL contracts are not permitted for high school athletes in Ohio, but lucrative partnerships at the collegiate level have Mason High School athletes conjuring up their dream endorsement.

“My dream deal would be with Boosted boards, the electric skateboards and longboard company, just to be able to ride around and have fun.”

“I would choose Chick-fil-a because I
love their Chick-n-Mini’s for breakfast.”

“I would want a company that could help me in my running career and Gatorade has a lot of resources and could get me new drinks .”

“Crumbl cookies, maybe something relating to my team and a flavor, be- cause my friends and I have made it a weekly habit to go there and try the cookies. That would be something fun to incorporate with my teammates.”

“If I had an NIL deal it would be with Tropicana Orange Juice because I love orange juice and I could get a bunch of it.”

“The deal that I would like is definitely a Nike contract. I want to get my own shoe or anything with Nike to get my name out there and get a lot of money.”

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