Book Review: The Brothers Hawthorne

Review by: Taylor Murray

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Rating: 5/5

Perplexing puzzles, grandiose games, and devious deceit mark Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ The Brothers Hawthorne as an exciting spinoff of her bestselling series The Inheritance Games. The book dives deeper into the lives of two of the Hawthorne brothers after the events of the series and does not disappoint, uncovering even more mysteries to be solved.

Barnes perfectly captures the feeling of thrill and adventure from her previous works while also exploring more of the familial bond between the brothers. Sibling love such as in Barnes’ novel is seldom seen – especially among strong, independent, stoic young men – and the characters’ endearing banter and heartfelt conversation is refreshing.

Between secret underground casinos and long-lost siblings, both Jameson and Grayson Hawthorne have quests of themselves to tackle in the aftermath of The Inheritance Games’ thrilling conclusion, The Final Gambit. I eagerly await the coming sequel, The Grandest Game.