Athlete have personal attachment to the number on their jersey

Player content and photos compiled by Cody Allgor, Staff Writer

There are some numbers that are synomymous with sports. Michael Jordan’s number 23, the number three on Dale Earnhardt’s car, Babe Ruth’s number 4, or the iconic number 42 of Jackie Robinson.  Sometimes in high school an athlete is simply handed a jersey and that’s their number. Some athletes grow to love their number and then they  hand it in at the conclusion of the season only to be handed another number the next year. There also those athletes who will fight for their number or hover around the coach when they hand out uniforms so they can lay claim to a number that carries a special meaning. Several Mason athletes have a special backstory when it comes to the number they proudly wear on when they compete for the Comets. 

My Second Home

“I chose this number because when I was in third grade I moved to Georgia and was devastated. In Georgia I was introduced to lacrosse and I have played ever since. It was a great distraction to help me not think about my old friends. I was fortunately given another opportunity to move back to Ohio to reunite with my friends, even though it was sad to have to leave the new friends I had just met. So, the reason I picked number two is because it always reminds me that I have a second home.”

Last Choice Now Best Choice

“Last year as a freshman, I got the last choice of uniforms so I grabbed #33. Soon after, the season got cancelled and it became meaningful. Now when I see or think of #33 I think of how lucky and grateful I am to have a season. Now I want that number to be mine for the rest of high school because it represents the challenges I went through with it.” 

Because Of My Brother

My brother was the reason why I started playing lacrosse. Being three years younger than him, I got to experience everything first through his lens, and then again through mine. When I was a freshman, he was a senior and because freshmen get the last choice on jersey number, I had a select few to choose from. My brother was #44 when he was in high school, so I decided to choose the same one. Some people change their numbers to a lower or ‘cooler’ number but I didn’t want to change.”

Lucky Number

“I’m number 15, and it’s my lucky number. It has a lot to do with the day, time, and situation in which I was born. I was born on September 15, 2003. I was 8 pounds, 15 oz when I was born. I was born at 1:15pm. The most important part is that 15 days prior to me being born, my uncle on my dad’s side passed away. He had a brain tumor that ruptured. I was ultimately named after him as well, both our initials being KML. I take to heart this number and remember him, even though I never met him.”

Because Of My Dad

“I picked number five because that’s the number my dad wore when he played football in high school. My dad is a role model to me and he preaches hard work. That’s what I want to be known for. Hard work.”

Carrying On A Legacy

“Twelve has always been my number. It had no real meaning until my sophomore year. For soccer I now wear 12 because it was passed down to me from Natalie Sears. I wear number 12 not only to continue Natalie’s legacy on the program but continue everyone else who came before me and wore the number 12. For basketball, my best friend and mentor Megan Wagner happened to wear number 12, so getting to wear number 12 just has a special meaning.”

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