Artist Spotlight: mitski

Della Johnson | Editor-in-Chief

Mitski Miyawaki has released some of the most heart-wrenching music imaginable. Her discography is stocked with tearfully symbolic records, her lyrics striking yet often sung softly. Often using her work as an emotional vessel, Mitski has lamented over concepts such as the treatment of people of color in America and the perceived societal role of women. To add to her already impressive musical lineup — putting five albums out since the year 2012 — Mitski has recently released two singles off what is presumably her newest project. Her first, titled “Working for the Knife” channels consumerism-driven frustration yet still conveys a theme of repressed emotion, similar to that of her first album, Lush, and, to be frank, most of her works. Excitingly, her newest singles seem to continue her sound experimentation that was seen on her most recent album, Be the Cowboy, breaking with her classic piano and acoustic guitar instrumentals in favor of synth and drums. With a nearly sold-out tour on the horizon, it is clear that Mitski plans to continue far into the future to devastate her thousands of fans, in a good way.