An Open Letter of Thanks

Our incredibly passionate and dedicated staff would like to extend our thanks to The Mason City Schools Foundation and Chronicle Alumni for their generous financial support this year.

The Chronicle is an important part of the culture at Mason High School. It is a source of pride in our community, and is distributed, free of charge, to all high school students, as well as throughout the district and locations around Mason. It incorporates every grade in the Mason City District, and reaches beyond the walls of our building into the Mason community. We write on challenging topics that bring the school together. With a track record of many strong pieces, interviews, and features on culture, diversity, and more, The Chronicle has continuously aided in the fulfillment of inclusive excellence in our district. We thank The Mason Schools Foundation for recognizing the importance of our work and placing value in preserving our paper this school year with a grant of $3,300 to aid in the cost of printing 3 editions.

On top of the generosity of The Mason Schools Foundation, Chronicle Alumni saw their former program in need, and stepped up to help. While we were not surprised by the incredible display of character and giving of former staff members, we were blown away by the contributions many made to continue to close the gap in lost revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last year has taught many lessons to people around the world. Our hearts were touched when we saw a community, a community of journalists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, educators, and leaders, rally behind our newspaper. This display of dedication to not only our staff, but to. our school, our community, and. our legacy. has proven just how much impact our product can make.

With gratitude,

Riley Johansen, Editor-in-Chief (

Ann Vettikkal, Managing Editor (

Kaelyn Rodrigues, Managing Editor (

Anna Kinasewitz, Business Manager (