Album Review: Think Later

Review by: Megan Lee

Artist: Tate McRae

Rating: 4/5

Beginning in the music industry at age 14, Tate McRae has released multiple EPs and an excellent debut album. Now, six years into her music career, her new album THINK LATER has proven to be one of her best works yet.

Though McRae is only 20 years old, she has already developed her own unique sound informed by both pop and hip-hop. With her background in dance, McRae knows the importance of rhythm, an understanding prominent in songs like “greedy” and “cut my hair”.

Being so young, McRae has also made it a point to use her lyrics to connect back with her teenage audience. In her song “we’re not alike”, McRae flawlessly addresses topics like female solidarity and the negative expectations set on female friendships in today’s society.

Overall, THINK LATER is an upbeat, poppy, and fun sophomore album. We can only hope to see how she will continue to grow as an artist as she continues to release more music.