Album review: if i could make it go quiet

Artist: girl in red

Rating: 5/10

Review by: Della Johnson

On her new record, if i could make it go quiet, Marie Ulven — better known as girl in red — is inexplicably much more aggressive than we’ve ever seen her. Having risen to fame on a platform molded with the serenation of young, queer romance, her newest songs draw a contrast in tone; they’re heartbroken, confused, filled with rage. 

Ulven is upset with living, with her previous relationships, and, most prominently, with herself, which can be seen in songs like “Serotonin,” where she lists her grisliest intrusive thoughts, or in “Rue” (named after the character from HBO’s hit series Euphoria), where she deadpans “I hate the way my brain is wired.” 

Throughout the 11 song record, she attempts to explain her emotions by leading with a punk-esque sound and ending with quieter tracks, but the entirety of that second half rings hollow, landing with a half-hearted thud. It’s clear that Ulven is angry, but when there’s no explanation as to why, and with little vocal variation (besides an awkwardly brief shift from screaming to mumbling), the anger seems pointlessly shallow. 

While she produced a few catchy pieces — ”I’ll Call You Mine” definitely being a stand out — there isn’t enough to shield the rest of the album from itself. It’s easy to understand that girl in red is still finding her sound, and when she does, I can’t wait to hear it. But on if i could make it go quiet, her lack of a steady footing is just a little too obvious.