Album Review: Her Loss

Review by: Ali Sami

Artist: Drake

Rating: 4.5/5

“21, Can you do something for me?” Drake and 21 Savage’s most recent album, Her Loss, was released on November 4, 2022, and the duo did not miss.

The album consists of 16 songs with a playing time of exactly an hour. Travis Scott was the only feature on the album, and he put on a show in the song “P**** & Millions”. Throughout the entire album, Drake and 21 gave a nice variety of music, ranging from fast-paced rap to slower rhythmic R&B.

The album started with “Rich Flex”, which immediately went viral on TikTok. The following song, “Major Distribution”, had a drastic shift in the beat, with an uplifting intro into an unexpected switch in flow.

Opening with 21, “Spin Bout U” is easily one of the top songs in the album.  Both rappers took on different types of roles and the lyrics had a more important meaning to them compared to other songs on the album. With a really diverse beat switching countless times throughout the song, the two rappers produced what is in my opinion the second best song in the album 

In his 9th song and a personal favorite, Travis Scott joins the 2 undisputed GOATs and puts on a clinic, performing what could potentially be Song of the Year. “P**** & Millions” brings in an R&B introduction and transitions slowly into rap. Drake builds up the song by repeating “Bring on the problems” which produces a wild beat drop that sets up the foundation for 21 Savage and Travis Scott to effortlessly finish the song. 

Song number 10, “Broke Boys”, has another beat switch where Drake changes the entire rhythm of the song and converts the mood from hype to chill. Overall, the album was very successful, but the last few songs were rather lackluster compared to hits like “P**** & Millions” and “Spin Bout U.”  Despite a few uninspired songs, Drake and 21 Savage put on a spectacular show with Her Loss and once again proved why they are the best in the rap game right now.