Album Review: GUTS

Review by: Megan Lee

Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

Rating: 4/5

After almost 3 years without new music, Olivia Rodrigo released her sophomore album GUTS, which came out September 8. With the roaring success of her first album, Sour, fans were skeptical about if Rodrigo was capable of producing another hit record. However, Rodrigo has come back and left fans speechless with her new album.

The most appealing thing about GUTS is Rodrigo’s ability to take her style to the next level. She expressed that she wanted to experiment with different aspects of pop music, especially the incorporation of her band into her music. She included multiple songs that are more angsty, involving elaborate, engaging drum fills. The thrashy tone of songs “Bad Idea Right?” and “Get Him Back” takes pieces of her style displayed in her previous album, while also allowing listeners to relate with messages on topics like expectations, overworking, heartache, and more.

Since she first hit the charts back in 2020 with her single “All I Want”, Rodrigo has been known for her heart-wrenching ballads. However, GUTS includes more mellower songs, my favorite being ̈The Grudge ̈. Rodrigo flows her teen angst throughout her album and uses it to show her listeners the struggles of being a teenager, giving them an outlet to connect with their own emotions. Rodrigo’s song ̈Making The Bed ̈ touches on fears of self-doubt and the overwhelming sense of validation that teenagers crave. ̈They’re changing my machinery and I just let it happen, ̈ Rodrigo sings. ̈I got the things I
wanted, It’s just not what I imagined. ̈

Because she is only 20, Rodrigo understands the unreasonable expectations put on teenagers. As her discography grows, so does her ability to convey her hardships through her relatable lyrics and engaging sound. With her
newfound sense of freedom, Rodrigo has used GUTS as a way to expand her discography, con-
nect with her fans and most importantly show that her age does not define her.