Album Review: Entergalactic

Review by: Ali Sami

Artist: Kid Cudi

Rating: 4/5

Grammy Award-winning rapper, “Kid Cudi,” dropped “Entergalactic,” which could potentially be his last album, on September 30, 2022.

Entergalactic consists of 15 songs and has a duration of 45 minutes, with features from Don Toliver, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign and many other acclaimed artists. Kid Cudi took a detour from the traditional approach of album production by releasing the masterpiece that is Entergalactic alongside an animated Netflix special of the same title. The powerful animated film follows the main character, Jabari, in his pursuit of love and self-love. The film’s soundtrack journeys Cudi’s album in chronological order, bringing new meaning to the idea of a ‘themed’ album. 

In his eighth studio album, Cudi does an extraordinary job of capturing emotion through his vocals and entrancing instrumentals. The first song of the album, “Entergalactic Theme” is solely instrumental and sets a milder tone for the rest of the project. Kid Cudi specifically puts his feelings on display in the second song of the album, “New Mode” by emphasizing the importance of inner reflection and growth. This sentiment is also similarly expressed in his 6th song “In Love.” Based on the title, you would think “In Love” would be dedicated to romance with a partner, however, it instead references his true journey of self-love and acceptance. 

While the majority of the album has a relaxed feel, the closing track titled “Burrow” was a refreshing upbeat addition to the album. “Burrow,” dedicated to Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow, includes features from Don Toliver and Steve Aioki. While the song doesn’t reference Joe Burrow at any point, the two friends have had connections since the Bengals’ tough loss in the Super Bowl. The dedicated song to Joe Burrow was a nice symbolic addition to the melodic masterpiece.

Each song on the sensory work of art that is Entergalactic feels as though you are listening to Kid Cudi’s journey of pursuing and finding happiness. If Entergalactic is Kid Cudi’s final album, it was definitely a strong way to finish his career.