Album Review: Dreamland

Evelina Gaivoronskaia | Staff Writer

Artist: Glass Animals

Rating: 7/10

 This year has not been easy for anyone, including the band Glass Animals. With their drummer recovering from a near-fatal car collision, Dave Bayley found himself seeking comfort in his childhood. Through this reflection, the band’s third album, Dreamland, was born. 

The album is chock full of 90s and 2000s references and is heavily influenced by R&B and hip hop music movements.longside traditional songs you would find in most albums, Dreamland includes several tracks titled Home Movie which are clips recorded by Bayley’s mother–a fragment of his authentic childhood, frozen in time. This track combined with the album’s nostalgic references and rhythms makeup it’s genuinely reflective tone. Bayley’s biographical lyrics feel extremely real as they talk about both the fun and the scary events of his childhood. 

The album grows on you the more you listen. Although, the Home Movies do become a bit irritating as they do not have music in them, thus causing the album to be more of a peek into Bayley’s childhood. With Dreamland, Glass Animals show vulnerability and let their fans connect to them more.