Album Review: Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Review by: Della Johnson

Artist: Lana Del Ray

Rating: 8.5/10

Following what might be her most problematic year yet in the eyes of the internet, Lana Del Rey has released a quiet, gentle record, perhaps more vintage than any of her other works.

Experimenting with folk (and even teetering on country with a feature from Nikki Lane), her lyrics embody a free spirit, mentioning “leaving LA” (in “Let Me Love You Like A Woman”) and having an entire song dedicated to her yearning for travel (“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”). 

It isn’t the soft acoustic instrumentals that make the album’s sound, it’s Del Rey’s voice — her highest register is on display, “White Dress” being where she makes it most prominent. 

The album is cohesive yet diverse, with misfires (like the disjointed “Dark But Just A Game”) few and far between. Chemtrails Over The Country Club certainly feels like a seventh album, but it’s clear that Del Rey is still, after all these years, open to exploring her sound as an artist.