Affatato hopes to unite track and field athletes into one cohesive program [MULTIMEDIA] [WEB EXCLUSIVE]

Harper Stull | MBC, Mason Sports Radio, The Chronicle Contributor

For the last 23 years, Tony Affatato has been the girls track and field head coach, but this year Affatato is expanding that role to bring together the boys and girls teams under one united group simply named Mason Comets Track and Field. When Affatato was approached about taking over the reigns of both programs he jumped at the chance to unite the two teams.

The opportunity to work with both the girls and boys programs has helped Affatato feel a sense of renewal in his coaching. He has enjoyed watching the crossover between athletes and coaches in different events, especially the camaraderie that is developing among the entire team. Having the boys and girls together has helped his coaches and athletes understand each other’s personal and team goals better. 

“It’s been a really great experience for me, I think it’s almost rejuvenated me after a certain point.” Affatato said,  “After 23 years of coaching I think you have to find something else to really move or propel you forward in coaching.”

While the outdoor season is just kicking off, the signs of success are starting to show. The girls team brought home the Ohio Indoor Track and Field State Championship on Friday, March 1. A year ago the girls finished as runners up and the boys placed 64th at the state meet. Along with the girls finishing first, the boys jumped all the way up to seventh place in the state at the indoor meet. Affatato attributes much of th youat success to, not only the athletes joining forces but the coaching staff coming together to support the entire program.

“I think everyone is kind of lifting up everyone else.” Affatato said, “I think when you have that kind of power and sustainability and people are just like let’s get better, let’s get better, and if you focus on let’s get better I think it takes care of a lot of things down the road because if you focus on getting one or two percent better every day then you accomplished something for that day.”