Spring Break Travels

Allie Keim | The Chronicle The Mason Girls Softball Team traveled to Nashville, Tennessee over spring break to play in the Warrior Classic tournament. Going […]

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Food science cooks up collaboration

Ruhi Kaneria | The Chronicle In the new Science Behind Our Food class, food and science are not the only things working together to create a full course menu. The class works to involve students in the special intervention classes in their ingredients purchasing process as a way for them to receive more real-world experience. Science Behind Our Food teacher, […]

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Students fast for Ramadan to support friends

Aybika Kamil | The Chronicle Non-Muslim Mason High School (MHS) students give Ramadan a try. Considered to be the holiest month for Muslims, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk daily, abstaining from drinking water and eating food to satisfy one of the five pillars of Islam, Sawm. They fast to cleanse […]

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Hudson Pitcock | The Chronicle As the season of cold weather comes to a close and spring and summer approach, many students at MHS are ready to facethe challenges of making sure their fashion style is always in season. Many students that pride themselves in everyday fits like sophomore Taurien Wiggins turn to thrifting. Wiggins said dressing in less layers […]

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Fashion Show raises money for Daylight Prom

Shrija Shandilya | The Chronicle Mason High School’s (MHS) recent Prom Fashion Show was not just an opportunity for students to model, but also a way for students to help others. Through the event on March 14, 2024, sponsored by the National Honor Society (NHS), students raised over $2,000 to fund this year’s Daylight Prom, a sensory-friendly version of Prom […]

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Rating: 3/5 By: Megan Lee After seven pop and R&B albums, Beyoncé has tackled the world of country. While It is common for artists to navigate through new genres throughout their career, Beyoncé has taken her music to a new and exciting place.  Beyoncé’s newest album COWBOY CARTER contains a collection of tracks aimed to pay respect to minorities within […]

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Affatato hopes to unite track and field athletes into one cohesive program [MULTIMEDIA] [WEB EXCLUSIVE]

Harper Stull | MBC, Mason Sports Radio, The Chronicle Contributor For the last 23 years, Tony Affatato has been the girls track and field head coach, but this year Affatato is expanding that role to bring together the boys and girls teams under one united group simply named Mason Comets Track and Field. When Affatato was approached about taking over […]

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New pickleball club rallies support for rising sport

Mitchell McMillen | The Chronicle What once was seen as a way for older people to get their blood flowing, is turning into a sport for all ages. A group of students at Mason High School (MHS) are rallying to further pickleball as a sport for all to play. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s (SFIA) Topline Participation […]

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Girls swim and dive earns state runner-up finish

Andrew Little | Editor-in-Chief The Mason girls swim and dive team entered CT Branin Natatorium looking to make a splash, and left as state runners-up. The Comets have been on an upward swing for the past three seasons, finishing in 16th place at the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Division One finals in 2022 and seventh place last year.  […]

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Students manage chronic conditions in daily life

Elina Bishoyi | The Chronicle Behind the scenes, some students have to navigate through the challenges of having chronic conditions. Some students are diagnosed with chronic conditions that may affect their lives in a day-to-day setting. Having to deal with impacts on their mental and physical health, they have learned how to address the challenges of the side effects, especially […]

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Juniors organize group to encourage civic engagement

Kendall Davis | The Chronicle With a strong interest in politics and inspiration from school, several students have set out to make a difference in the community when it comes to voting and civics. Junior Alisa Zhao founded the MasonVotes organization after taking an AP Government and Politics class in which she learned about how low voter turnout in America […]

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Staff Editorial: Open your eyes to your reliance on your cell phone

Recently, AT&T users were impacted by a widespread phone network outage that disrupted essential services like calling and texting. After service was restored, several articles like “Don’t fret, here are messaging apps if service goes out” and “AT&T outage just a preview of what can happen when cell service goes out: How to prepare” made headlines. In an age where […]

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The AP Frenzy

Aybika Kamil | The Chronicle Advanced Placement (AP) classes have continually been a topic of conversation in high schools across the country, whether students are discussing how many APs to take, which ones to enroll in or if they’re even worth it. They are designed to be rigorous and demanding courses that take up time and mental space.   AP classes […]

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Dedication is Important — In Moderation

Taylor Murray | The Chronicle Dedication is Important — In Moderation There may be such a thing as being too dedicated to your sport. Mason is an incredibly competitive and high-achieving district. When most people talk about Mason compared to other schools, they refer to our academic prowess. However, just as equally impressive is our athletes’ dedication to their sports. […]

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Directed by: Denis Villeneuve Review by: Ruhi Kaneria   Rating: ⅘ stars Dune: Part Two was a captivating 2-hour and 46-minute sequel, with action, prophecies, and sandworms. Adapted from the 1965 novel of the same name, the first movie was released in 2021. The movie continues on the storyline of the planet of Arrakis’ lucrative spice trade as Paul Atreides […]

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