What You Think: Public input on superintendent

Should public input regarding a new superintendent be considered as much as the school board’s opinion?

Nazz Brandon, junior
“Regardless of how much we want to say that the people matter, a lot of people don’t even know what’s going on half the time when they’re making their decision. [Like] when we vote, [we] don’t really [know] what’s on the ballot. …Unless… [a candidate’s] qualifications and different information about his background [are put out], then the public opinion really isn’t relevant.”

Sohum Talreja, sophomore
“The public opinion should definitely have a say in it because ultimately, the school board is serving us, so therefore we should have input [on] the next  superintendent.”

Mackenzie Rich, sophomore
“The levy failed probably because of [the leadership of] Kevin Bright, so we should probably pick the superintendent or at least have an opinion …rather than just [letting the school board decide for itself].”

Chris Rupp, senior
“The school board probably knows what is best for the school and the public elects the school board [members]. [The public has its] say in [choosing a new superintendent] that way.”

Andrew Morin, junior
“The public opinion should weigh more because the decisionis made for the public.  We are a public school system.”

Jon Gruseck, senior
“The public [is] sending [its] kids to this school, so [it wants] to pick somebody who [it] feel[s] comfortable with their kids learning under. While the school board should have some say in it, I don’t think it should be solely [its] decision because the ones paying the bill are the [parents], and that’s who it affects the most.”