McCarty-Stewart introduces few changes as new principal

Julia Halpin | Staff Writer

With former Associate Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart now as Principal, buildings and staff changes mark the advent of her promotion.

McCarty-Stewart said her five years experience as Mason High School’s Associate Principal have definitely prepared her for the job ahead.

“Really, my job interview has been for five years for this position.” McCarty-Stewart said. “You gotta love what you do.”

Time and energy is definitely something McCarty-Stewart needs to do her job, she said. With meetings to attend, emails to read and interactions that allow her to get to know her students, her daily routine, she said, is packed and ever-changing.

“Usually, I have to prioritize my day, depending on what’s in front of me,” McCarty-Stewart said. “That can change from moment to moment. There [are] so many variables.”

With several changes already being made to the school, (including new wings, new sports facilities, etc.) McCarty-Stewart said she has chosen to stick with the initiatives from previous years instead of making drastic changes.

“My goal was to open up the building with all the new facilities, nothing major new,” McCarty-Stewart said. “I don’t feel the need to do something different to stamp my name on it.”

Assistant Principal George Coates said he has faith in McCarty-Stewart as the new principal.

“I think she’s been doing an excellent job,” Coates said. “She’s already faced some tough challenges, and I think she’s responded well.”

Along with the hiring of a new head principal, other major staff changes were made this year: McCarty-Stewart selected two new assistant principals for the staff of MHS. According to her, the school was looking for many different elements when filling her previous position.

“We needed to know, philosophically, what their mission [was] for education, if they have a vision for how to reach schools, have the high standards we do and if they match what the school wants,” McCarty-Stewart said.

Antonio Shelton coming from being an Assistant Principal position at Sycamore High School; and William Rice, previously an Assistant Principal at Pleasant Run Middle School, both proved to have the past experience to be fit for their new jobs, according to McCarty-Stewart, and were thus picked for the position.

“I have always been impressed by Dr. Shelton’s professionalism and great reputation as an administrator, and I knew that going into it. He’s been a great asset to the team,” said McCarty-Stewart. “Immediately with Mr. Rice, I recognized that he has a true compassion for his students and can work through some really tough situations.”

Shelton and Rice both have a lot to do as new assistant principals, according to Shelton. From Rice overseeing this year’s freshmen, and Shelton covering testing and the curriculum, no aspect of the school is overlooked.

“Most everything that Mrs. McCarty did, that’s what I’m doing,” Shelton said. “My face is now her face.”

Despite the responsibilities ahead of her, she said she retains a positive outlook on her position.

“Each day, or even [during] each encounter, I want people to walk away and say, ‘She really listened to what I had to say; she really cared a lot about me as a person,’” McCarty-Stewart said.

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