Letters to the Editor: 9/30

Dear Editor,

Homecoming is a gathering of students at Mason High School. Over the past couple of years the administration has noticed there is a lot of physical activity happening at the school dances. I think this is something we could change if we really wanted to. The school, I feel like, doesn’t put enough into telling the students grinding and dancing provocatively is not allowed at the school dances. When we are warned that this is not allowed some of us are upset, and others like me are more comfortale at that point knowing there will be more approproate activity there. I think for freshman this is a challenge, because… if you are dancing all over everyone, people around you are looking at you and wondering why you’re is doing that. That is the reputation you will maintain the rest of your three years in high school. Is that the reputation you want to live with? I think as a high school student, we should work together and change what is guiding the attention of our students and the administration. This will help us to have a better reputation and some self-respect.

Stephanie Garcia, Freshman