Letters to the Editor 5/18

MHS should encourage cultural awareness
Dear Editor,
I think that there should be more articles concerning different cultural aspects of all the different students within Mason High School. I think this would encourage cultural awareness and breakdown stereotypes.
Aisha Jordon, senior

Unique and personal styles walk the halls of MHS
Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed the article, “Old Fashioned Influences.” I thought it was a really neat to reflect on the style of students who walk the halls at MHS. The students here are so diverse and unique, so I really liked how we could learn and visualize someone’s personal style. I think that The Chronicle should do something like this each issue. We can meet new people and learn about the styles that roam the halls.
Mallory Young, senior

“No Bullying” campaigns don’t always work
Dear Editor,
I find that although there are a lot of “No Bullying” campaigns, especially online, it still happens. Although most people participating in bullying aren’t aware that they are hurting someone else. What starts out as some innocent fun taunting each other on Facebook or Twitter can easily become damaging to someone. It’s hard because there is a fine line between a funny comment and a mean comment. Also, on Facebook and Twitter, people can’t tell if someone is being sarcastic or not.
Mehvish Ilyas, senior

NBA playoffs affected by player injury
Dear Editor,
The NBA playoffs are in full swing now and a few interesting headlines have popped up. First, it’s interesting to see how the competitive advantages of each team are affected by injury. For example, after Chicago lost Derrick Rose to a torn ACL, they have lost three straight games and sit on the verge of an elimination. There is no “I” in team, but the Bulls have a thorn in their side without Rose. Secondly, the playoff system if playing a series of seven games takes away a lot of pressure of the playoffs. In the NFL, the playoffs operate under a win-or-go-home system. If the NBA used this system, I think we would see an increase in the intensity of the playoffs. Plus, the length of the playoffs is rather taxing, and forces you to watch a lot of game.
Kaushik Chagarlamudi, senior

Economy not the only factor in upcoming election
Dear Editor,
The economy is not the only thing that should matter in the upcoming election. Social issues have takem the backburner in recent years, and it’s time for them to come forward. Certain people, if elected would make strides to remove the rights of minorities. This is un-American (movement in America have always dealt with expanding rights) and unacceptable. People have to realize that they have the power to stop this from happening. They need to become more interested in the rights of those who can’t change the course of their own future. They need to demand more from their leaders. So, while the economy is certainly important, it’s not the only thing that should be on the minds of voters as they had to the polls. I simply ask people to vote wisely.
Sonny Ramos, senior