Letters to the Editor 4/15

Physical education waiver a negativeI believe that students should have to take [physical education] class even if they are involved in sports. [Physical education] class not only involves kids in athletic activities, but [it] also educates them on many different sports and health issues. If a student plays a sport for the school, [he or she is] focusing on that particular sport, not the variety of activities that a [phyiscal education] class has to offer.
-Allie Rodriguez, freshman

Global issues may affect students inadvertently
Living in a “bubble” like Mason, events that are occuring in the Middle East seem to have no effect on us. We may see something online or on TV, but we ignore it since it is so far away from us. We do need to become better informed and know what is going on in the world because, chances are, once we become older…we may not be completely ready. …You never notice how a big issue that’s thousands of miles away could find its way into your life and change your outlook on the world.
-Dominic Fago, freshman

Kasich should focus on economy, not abortion
Instead of worrying about abortion, the governor should focus on boosting our economy and other issue that affect people every day. …Abortion doesn’t affect everybody. …[It] is a tough ethical issue, but it is not our most important issue. [The economy] should be our top priority because this affects more people.
-Evan Zoutis, freshman

“Mac ‘n cheese” does not deserve attention
I strongly believe [students’] maturity levels are slightly higher than “mac ‘n cheese.” Once I began reading this article, my attention was already lost; the only reason I finished it was due to its stupidity and hilarity. [“Mac ‘n cheese”] is very popular but when a high school student picks up the school newspaper, they want to read about current events…not popular food people like to mix up with their own “random combinations.”
-Brittany Cruse, freshman