Letters to the Editor: 1/20

Dear Editor,

I read the article “Originality snobbery is for five year olds.” I agree with this article. It’s always good to think for yourself and not let others change you, but there is nothing wrong with going along with the social “norm.” We can all…like similar things without stealing the idea from [an]other. When we were little, we called someone a copy-cat because they did what we did when we should [have] been happy that they liked what we did… . I think having your own ideas is a good quality, but I don’t think that it’s fair for someone to be [unable] to do something that you already did. I think that people should be proud that they thought of something, but also be okay with others doing it. I believe that we can all feel original and be a blend of each other’s ideas. That’s what helps create today’s culture. It’s okay to feel special for discovering something new, but don’t be a snob about it, just enjoy that you can share it with your peers.

Sydney Wiegel, freshman

Dear Editor,

Cursing in the hallways around others shouldn’t be allowed. There are some kids in our school that really take to that kind of thing [as offensive.] I think that the article “A colorful Vocabulary” covers this topic really well. It says how some kids curse to relieve their stress. I don’t agree with that. There are other ways for students to relieve their stress without offending others. If they are going to curse, they should only say it to them[selves.] Curse words can be really offensive, and there are other words to get the point across. If you are mad at someone, this doesn’t mean you need to cuss them out just because you are angry with them. You can use normal words that aren’t so offensive to get the main idea through to them. I find it really annoying when kids think it’s cool to cuss in the hallway. I feel like they’re just doing it for attention that they don’t need.

Cari Nichols, freshman