Letters to the Editor 1/18

Dear Editor,

I can really agree with the sibling rivalries because just like others in your article, I have an older sibling that I am expected to surpass. My sister was great not only academically but also she was great in lacrosse. After my first tri here at Mason, I got three A’s and two B’s, not too shabby if you ask me, my sister always got higher grades than that and I am feeling pressure from my parents to do better than she did. …It gives someone to ask for advice when it comes to high school, …competition and gives me a goal to do better than her, it’s going to be hard but I’m sure I can do it.

McKeon Laws, freshman

Dear Editor,

I was really fascinated and learned a lot from one of your articles, “Life in Juvy is a whole new world.” …I had a friend who spent months in JDC and when he got out he always talked about how terrible it was there and he described all the things that was listed in the article: waking up early for gym, barely anytime to eat. I honestly didn’t think how bad it could be–I thought it seemed like no big deal because it wasn’t technically “jail.” Now I see it is a big deal and I know now to make the right choices.

Emily Isaacs, freshman

Dear Editor,

Accutane was wrongly portrayed in the article Blemished. While it has many side effects, just like any other drug, it can work miracles for some people who have struggle with acne. I personally know people very close to me who have taken Accutane and never saw any side effects other than dry skin. When you tell people the worst possible outcome, such as suicide, it deters people from wanting to take it. …While there may be some horrible side effects linked to the druge, most people that take it won’t ever see anything worse than dry skin and chapped lips. You can’t give Accutane a bad rap just for the small percentage of people that have died from taking it and the few that have had other serious side effects.

Caroline Walsh, freshman