Letters to the Editor 11/30

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed your article on long term relationships. I, myself, have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 16 months. …I also agree with what Ana Perez said about having someone you can turn to for anything. I know I can count on him and that he’s always there for me. It is hard sometimes though, trying to find that balance between boyfriend and friends but we make it work and that is very important. There are definitely benefits to a long-term relationship, but you make sure you don’t focus all your time on your boyfriend; Take time for yourself, and spend time with your friends. It’s high school! Have fun!

Skylar Armentrout, freshman


Dear Editor,

In reaction to the article, Dear Teenage Youth, put Down the Cell Phone…I found this very relatable to many teens since most of us feel we couldn’t survive without our cell phones, or the Twitter updates, the Facebook messages, or the Tumblr reblogs for a week. Let alone a day without these things. I have heard so many people say, “I cannot afford to lose my phone. My life is on that thing!” When I hear them say things like this, I usually nod my head in agreement, but I know I could survive any day without my phone. i know this because I have done it before. You are not really missing much to put the phone away and spend that whole hour you spend texting your friends. …If we had some teens who were willing to leave their phones at home, I know we could make more fund events; therefore, when I’m out with my friends this weekend, I know where my phone is going to be: at home.

Chrissa Charnas, freshman