Letters to the Editor 10/26

Dear Editor,

Making the student choose a fruit of vegatable with their lunch is a good idea, but when the student can get pizza and fries, does a fruit and vegetable make it healthier? Most of the students throw away the fruit or vegetable anyway and that is just a waste of money and food.

-Grace Kastens, freshman

Dear Editor,

I admire Aminah’s decision to continue running during Ramadan. Your faith should come before extra-curricular activities, but if you have the opportunity to participate in both at the same time, you should try it. Since she can only eat and drink at night, it’s incredible that she can balance he life well enough to have energy for the day. As a member of the cross country team, we have to wear sweatpants to warm-up before a meet if it’s cold out. I can’t imagine trying to run in hot temperatures wearing sweatpants everyday like Amaniah does. Running is draning even when you only have to wear shorts. I am dead by the time I go home after practice whether it’s right after school or during a morning practice in the summer.

-Matt Welage, freshman