Frozen 2 Review

Alana Amaya | Staff Writer

Every rumor you’ve heard about this movie is false. The theories, from those about Elsa and Anna’s parents to Elsa’s relationship status, were all proven wrong in Frozen 2. Frozen 2 properly addressed the same audience as the original six years later by confronting different issues teens today are facing in the real world. This amazing film showed the development of animation and the growth the characters have had since the first showstopping film. Specifically, Anna was definitely a matured character in this movie, not just through her looks, but also in how she mirrored exactly what some teens are going through in their everyday lives through her character development and lessons learned throughout the film. There are key moments in the film that many teens if looking at the deeper meaning, can personally connect to, such as one of the songs she sings towards the end of the film. Along with that, the characters in the movie were very different from what Disney has done with the past characters in their movies, and I loved it. Anna represents a whole different type of Disney Princess, one who has a lover yet is a strong independent woman who is learning how to grow and figure  out problems on her own, without being able to rely on anyone else. While the first ¼ is mostly singing, the rest of the movie toned it down, with a good amount of both talking and singing throughout which was a relief. Although this was an outstanding film, I do feel as though it was directed a lot more towards the now older audience compared to younger kids. Yes, kids would still enjoy the film and love to see the princesses and Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven go off into another adventure, a younger kid would not be able to truly follow all of the plot points of the movie, nor understand all of the messages in the film. Honestly, I feel like it was a good move to actually take this turn with the audience because we are really the ones that are going back to watch part 2 of the movie we watched 6 years ago. Even then, looking at it from my perspective, I feel as though they were able to keep the film in the same story as it was in the first movie but just at a matured level with credit to the teens watching it.