Staff Editorial: Royal Tell-all reveals Meghan Markle’s hidden struggle and the power of media

 It was only recently the Duchess of Sussex opened up about her mental health struggles in an interview with Oprah.  This interview was the first the Sussexes had given since officially breaking away from their royal duties last year.  Meghan Markle opened up to contemplating thoughts of suicide and self-harm – a comment which continued to introduce further concern and […]

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Staff Editorial: Planned parenthood provides crucial healthcare

Recently, the state of Ohio decided to make some budget cuts. They cut out all the usual stuff — overpaid politicians, unused funding. Normal, right? Well, not exactly. What happened instead was that Planned Parenthood was completely defunded.  And if you’re opposed to abortion then that’s great, right?  Most would say so, but that’s simply not the case: Planned Parenthood […]

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Staff Editorial: Film does feminism wrong

Feminism is hard. It’s had a bit of a rough time with branding. But most of all, it’s just super complicated. Everyone has their own idea of what’s right, what’s “true” feminism. The idea of feminism has evolved over time, from first legal, then economic, then social issues taking the forefront of each generation.  So what makes a character feminist? […]

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