Cat and yoga enthusiasts head to Kitty Brew Cafe for yoga with kittens night

Nathalie Schickendantz | Staff Writer

The downward dog is not a cat’s favorite yoga stretch; most prefer the original cat pose.

On October 15, Kitty Brew Cat Cafe hosted a yoga with kittens night — a class they have hosted since July. The class aims to relax participants while kittens (which are up for adoption) run freely around the room.

The class is lead by Chelsea Joy, an employee at Kitty Brew Cafe. According to Joy, a friend peer pressured her into discovering hot yoga, which strengthened the connection between her mind and body. Joy said she loves what yoga represents both physically and mentally.

“I found that I really enjoy the movement itself,” Joy said.

After going to multiple classes, Joy met two teachers that inspired her into understanding the metaphysical concept of yoga. Joy said she uses what she learned in her practice in order to create a relaxed atmosphere.

“I had two wonderful teachers that approached yoga differently. One based it off the scientific aspect: muscles and the physical body. My other teacher really focused on the philosophical and spiritual aspect,” Joy said. “With the combination of both I really fell in love with the practice, the journey of yoga and how it moves through people.”

The kittens running around bring more entertainment to the yoga. Joy said there are funny moments when kittens do unexpected movements.

“We’ve had cats get on people in funny poses,” Joy said. “We will be doing the bridge pose and there will be a cat on someone’s tummy.”

Kitty yoga participant Lily Gartenlaub said Kitty Brew Cafe is a place that does a great job taking care of cats and recognizing their needs.

“It’s really nice because all the cats come from shelters and this is a better place for them,” Gartenlaub said. “They can be adopted because they are really sweet cats.”

Audrey Zinninger, self-proclaimed lover of cats, has been doing yoga with kittens for a year. Zinniger said she has finally found an event that blends both her passions, and having cats around helps promote a calming environment.

“I’ve been doing yoga for four years, and I’ve had cats most of my life, and I simply love both. It’s a completely different relaxation,” Zinniger said. “It’s interesting because sometimes the cats are a little distracting during practice, but at the same time it breaks things up and makes it less serious. Sometimes you’re like ‘I have got to get in a good stretch’ and other times it’s alright to break form, play with cats and giggle about them doing something silly.”

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Photos by Nathalie Schickendantz.