Album Review: Sleepyhead by Cavetowns

Henri Robbins | Online Editor

Rating: 7/10

With the success of Cavetown’s sophomore Lemon Boy, many expected him to be something of a one-hit wonder, but as Robin Skinner releases his third full album, he both retains his initial stylings and builds upon them, creating an album that exudes a sound of pure peace and calm, yet still holds a strong emotional presence. As the album opens, tracks like Sweet Tooth and For You open with Skinner’s melodic voice over unusually strong instrumentals, which then transfer to tracks like Telescope and Trying, which present a consistently diverse yet subdued sound, almost entirely being predominantly acoustic, yet sometimes building up to something stronger. And this is no issue – the pacing of the album, and the placement of any more powerful instrumentals, are all done to a degree that makes it feel completely natural. More than anything else, quite a few of the tracks reminded me of C418’s work for Minecraft. While that connection may seem something of a stretch when listening to either side by side, they both create the same sense of relaxation, immediately calming the listener yet having an underlying strength that will go almost unnoticed in passive listening.