Album Review: Funeral by Lil Wayne

Indranshu Das

When Lil Wayne released his first album, Lil Baby was literally a Lil Baby. 20 years later, Wayne and Baby are making a case for song of the year.  Two years removed from The Carter V, Lil Wayne’s Funeral shows signs of a strong recovery in his rapping career. His career skyrocketed following the release of Carter I, and he–along with Jay-Z–were considered as the best of the 2000s. However, by the start of the new decade, Wayne was incarcerated for 8 months which lost him a good amount of his fans. This album showed signs of vintage Lil Wayne, a mixtape style album, with only one downfall–too many songs–making it redundant. “Lil Tunechi” paid a tribute to the tragic death of Kobe Bryant in the 8th track of the album “Bing James” with 24 seconds of silence in the song. His song with Adam Levine was a classic, mixing the popstar with his rapping as the supporting cast. All in all, Wayne still has clear vision and awareness of his place in the hip-hop world. Had he cut his album in half, this could’ve been a strong contender for album of the year.

Rating: 8/10